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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2005Elections, leaflets and whist drives: constituency party members in Britain between the wars  Ball, Stuart; Thorpe, Andrew; Worley, Matthew
    1 January 2006Entries for 'Keith Thomas', 'Richard Bovet', Joseph Glanvill', 'Somerset Witches', 'John Wesley'  Barry, J
    2004Entry on Balfour Stewart  Noakes, Richard
    2004Entry on Cromwell Fleetwood Varley  Noakes, Richard
    2004Entry on William Crookes  Noakes, Richard
    2004Entry on William Fletcher Barrett  Noakes, Richard
    2004Entry on William Henry Harrison  Noakes, Richard
    1 April 2014Evaluating the role of Hans Selye in the modern history of stress  Jackson, Mark
    2010Foreword  Noakes, Richard
    2004The Forgotten Revisionist: Douglas Jay and Britain’s Transition to Affluence, 1951-1964  Toye, Richard
    28 September 2016From Therapeutic Relaxation to Mindfulness in the Twentieth Century  Nathoo, A
    1 May 2018Frontier Politics: French, Portuguese and Indigenous Interactions between Cayenne and the Amazon, 1680-1697  Espelt-Bombin, S
    2010‘“The Great Educator of Unlikely People”: H.G. Wells and the Origins of the Welfare State’  Toye, Richard
    25 June 2019Greeks into Privateers: Law and Language of Commerce Raiding under the Imperial Russian Flag, 1760s-1790s  Leikin, J
    1 January 2001Hell upon Earth or the Language of the Playhouse  Barry, J
    2012Historians and Labour parties: changing methods, approaches and purposes  Thorpe, Andrew
    21 November 2017How revolutionary was revolutionary justice? Legal culture in Russia across the revolutionary divide  Rendle, Matthew
    2016Humanitarian interventions, past and present (book chapter)  Thompson, AS
    3 February 2018‘I tremble lest my powers of thought are not what they ought to be’: Reputation and the masculine anxieties of an eighteenth–century statesman  French, Henry
    1 December 2002'Instruments to lay hold of spirits': technologising the bodies of Victorian spiritualism  Noakes, Richard