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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2004Churchill and Britain's 'Financial Dunkirk'  Toye, Richard
    1 March 2013The Civil War’s forgotten transatlantic tariff debate and the Confederacy’s free trade diplomacy  Palen, Marc-William
    19 November 2016Climate change and health  Thomas, F
    2009The Communist Party and the New Party  Thorpe, Andrew
    1 May 2007Communities, families and migration: some evidence from Cornwall  Deacon, Bernard
    2015'Community and Exclusion: The Torrey Canyon Disaster of 1967'  Green, Anna; Cooper, Timothy
    19 March 2018The ‘Compleat Physician’ and Experimentation in Medicines: Everard Maynwaring (c.1629-1713) and the Restoration Debate on Medical Practice in London  Barry, J
    7 September 2017Computer-Assisted Processing of Intertextuality in Ancient Languages  Hedges, M; Jordanous, A; Lawrence, KF; et al.
    2007Conservative Party agents in Second World War Britain  Thorpe, Andrew
    27 February 2020Constructing the “City of international solidarity”: Non-aligned internationalism, the United Nations and visions of development, modernism and solidarity, 1955-1975  Spaskovska, L
    1 November 2012Construction and power: the ethics of educational policy research  Djerasimovic, S
    2019Constructs of Power: Picturing Architectural Iconoclasm in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-1799  Mathieu, CS
    6 June 2007Cornish identities and migration: a multi-scalar approach  Deacon, Bernard; Schwartz, Sharron
    2007County, nation, ethnic group? The shaping of the Cornish identity  Deacon, Bernard
    19 December 2017Courtship, sex and poverty: illegitimacy in eighteenth-century Wales  Muir, A J
    18 October 2018Covering Up Chelmno: Nazi Attempts to Obfuscate and Obliterate an Extermination Camp  Terry, NM
    19 May 2020COVID-19: a plea to protect the older population  Carrieri, D; Peccatori, FA; Boniolo, G
    3 April 2018Creating and resisting the Terror: the Paris Revolutionary Tribunal, March-June 1793  Fairfax-Cholmeley, A
    1 January 2015The Criminal Corpse, Anatomists, and the Criminal Law : Parliamentary Attempts to Extend the Dissection of Offenders in Late Eighteenth-Century England  Ward, RM
    28 May 2019A critique of approaches to 'domestic work': women, work and the preindustrial economy  Whittle, JC