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    1 December 20202019 Labour History Review Essay Prize Winner: Navigating deindustrialization in 1970s Britain: the closure of Bilston Steel Works and the politics of work, place, and belonging  Beebee, M
    20 July 2021“Absolutely nothing is so important for a nation’s culture as its language” (Wilhelm von Humbolt): The Cornish language in formal education  Broadhurst, K
    1 September 2006"The Act of Copulation being Ordain'd by nature as the ground of all Generation": fertility and the representation of sexual pleasure in seventeenth century pornography in England  Toulalan, Sarah
    1 May 2005'...All was hushed up': the hidden Trafalgar  Duffy, Michael
    8 June 2017"And Those Who Live, How Shall I Tell Their Fame?" Historical Pageants, Collective Remembrance and the First World War 1919-1939  Tupman, CML; Freeman, M; Bartie, A; et al.
    1 July 1986Ärzte im Nationalsozialismus, reveiw  Noakes, Jeremy
    27 April 2020‘A Beautiful Dream, Facing Both the Future and the Past’: Destalinization, Visual Culture and the Fortieth Anniversary of the October Revolution  McCallum, CE
    24 August 2015‘Better housing conditions are of vital importance to the ordinary man’: slum clearance in post-war Khartoum  Curless, Gareth
    1 August 2014'Bishops, Education, and Discipline'  Hamilton, SM
    2 February 2018'Care under pressure': A realist review of interventions to tackle doctors' mental ill-health and its impacts on the clinical workforce and patient care.  Carrieri, D; Briscoe, S; Jackson, M; et al.
    17 October 2017'Choreographed by the angels'? Ireland and the centenary of the First World War  Pennell, CL
    2015'Community and Exclusion: The Torrey Canyon Disaster of 1967'  Green, Anna; Cooper, Timothy
    28 May 2019A critique of approaches to 'domestic work': women, work and the preindustrial economy  Whittle, JC
    18 August 2021'Crude’ alliance – economic decolonisation and oil power in the non-aligned world  Spaskovska, L
    2015›Do not burden one’s own army and its hinterland with unneeded mouths!‹ The Fate of the Soviet Civilian Population Behind the ›Panther Line‹ in Eastern Belorussia, October 1943-June 1944  Terry, Nicholas
    4 July 2015‘Elderly years cause a Total dispaire of Conception’: old age, sex and infertility in early modern England  Toulalan, Sarah
    2010"The extreme penalty of the law": mercy and the death penalty as aspects of state power in colonial Nyasaland, c. 1903-47  Hynd, Stacey
    1 January 1998'Frantick Hacket': prophecy, sorcery, insanity, and the Elizabethan puritan movement  Walsham, Alexandra
    1 August 2002'The gentleman in Whitehall' reconsidered: the evolution of Douglas Jay’s views on economic planning and consumer choice, 1937-1947  Toye, Richard
    2010‘“The Great Educator of Unlikely People”: H.G. Wells and the Origins of the Welfare State’  Toye, Richard