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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2007Deadlier than the male? Women and the death penalty in colonial Kenya and Nyasaland, c.1920-57  Hynd, Stacey
    12 November 2019Dealing with death in cancer care: should the oncologist be an amicus mortis?  Carrieri, D; Peccatori, FA; Grassi, L; et al.
    2008Decorum or Deterrence? The Politics of Execution in Malawi, 1915-1966  Hynd, Stacey
    1 June 2007Destinations and origins of migrants to the USA, 1830-1910  Deacon, Bernard
    5 May 2013Destitute or gentleman? The voices and identity of the poor cloth workers of Exeter's 'Golden Age'  Bailey Treleaven, Tamsin
    1 June 2003Developing multilateralism: the Havana charter and the fight for the International Trade Organization, 1947-1948  Toye, Richard
    7 February 2022Differential Experiences of Social Distancing: Considering Alienated Embodied Communication and Racism  Dolezal, L; Lucas, G
    1 June 2005Discrimination, opportunity, and middle-class success in early Communist Hungary  Mark, James
    27 September 2015Dismembering and remembering the body: execution and post-execution display in Africa, c.1870-2000  Hynd, S
    26 November 2021Disputed transactions: documents, language and authority in Eighteenth-century Marwar  Thelen, E
    16 October 2021Dolly Pentreath: a “very singular female”  Broadhurst, K
    27 September 2018Dressing the Diaspora: Dress practices among East African Indians,circa1895–1939  Wilson, C
    1 December 2012Duty and Desertion: Simon of Montfort and the Fourth Crusade  Lippiatt, G