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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 August 2019Educating physicians in seventeenth-century England  Barry, J
    3 June 2019Educating the local clergy, c. 900-c.1150  Hamilton, SM
    15 April 2020Education as a site of memory: developing a research agenda  Paulson, J; Abiti, N; Osorio, JB; et al.
    16 November 2018Een strijd om erkenning: de onderhandelingen over de Oostendse Compagnie (1713-1723)  Dreijer, G
    2020Een Tractaet van Avarien - 1617  Dreijer, G; Vervaart, O
    14 March 2022Effeminate gay bottoms in the West: Narratives of pussyboys and boiwives on Tumblr.  Vytniorgu, R
    2005Elections, leaflets and whist drives: constituency party members in Britain between the wars  Ball, Stuart; Thorpe, Andrew; Worley, Matthew
    9 October 2020Elizabeth Bishop's Pink  Gill, J
    29 May 2015Enemy alien and refugee: conflicting identities in Great Britain during the Second World War  Pistol, RE
    26 November 2008English Agricultural Output and Labour Productivity, 1250- 1850: some preliminary estimates  Aposolides, A; Broadberry, S; Campbell, B; et al.
    1 November 2003English individualism refuted - and reasserted: the land market of Earls Colne (Essex), 1550-1750  French, Henry; Hoyle, Richard
    2010English law, Brahmo marriage, and the problem of religious difference: civil marriage laws in Britain and India  Chatterjee, Nandini
    17 October 2017Entangled Transitions: Eastern and Southern European Convergence or Alternative Europes? 1960s–2000s  Christiaens, K; Mark, JA; Faraldo, J
    17 March 2014Enterprising widows and active wives: women's unpaid work in the household economy of early modern England  Whittle, JC
    1 November 2016Entrepreneurs at sea: Trading practices, legal opportunities and early modern globalization  Fusaro, M; Blakemore, RJ; Crivelli, B; et al.
    1 January 2006Entries for 'Keith Thomas', 'Richard Bovet', Joseph Glanvill', 'Somerset Witches', 'John Wesley'  Barry, J
    2004Entry on Balfour Stewart  Noakes, Richard
    2004Entry on Cromwell Fleetwood Varley  Noakes, Richard
    2004Entry on William Crookes  Noakes, Richard
    2004Entry on William Fletcher Barrett  Noakes, Richard