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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2008H.G. Wells and the New Liberalism  Toye, Richard
    12 November 2015Harnessing the power of difference: colonialism and British chronic disease research, 1940-1975  Moore, Michael D.
    2014Haunted thoughts of the careful experimentalist: psychical research and the troubles of experimental physics  Noakes, Richard
    20 November 2018Health education and migration  Thomas, F; Chase, E; Aggleton, P
    8 June 2017Health-related shame: an affective determinant of health?  Dolezal, L; Lyons, B
    21 March 2018Heimat as a Geography of Postwar Renewal: Life after Death and Local Democratic Identities in Cologne, 1945–1965  DeWaal, J
    1 January 2001Hell upon Earth or the Language of the Playhouse  Barry, J
    1 March 2017Henry IV of Germany: A Bad King?  Roach, L
    2014Hindu city and just empire: Banaras and India in Ali Ibrahim Khan's legal imagination  Chatterjee, Nandini
    2012Historians and Labour parties: changing methods, approaches and purposes  Thorpe, Andrew
    1 May 2013History teaching, pedagogy, curriculum and politics: dialogues and debates in regional, national, transnational, international and supranational settings  Guyver, R
    1 October 1990History's Domesday book  Guyver, RM
    13 December 2012Household wealth, indebtedness, and economic growth in early modern England  Overton, Mark
    1 December 2005Housewives and Servants in Rural England, 1440-1650: Evidence of Women's Work from Probate Documents  Whittle, Jane
    4 October 2019How accessible and acceptable are current GP referral mechanisms for IAPT for low-income patients? Lay and primary care perspectives  Thomas, F; Hansford, L; Ford, J; et al.
    5 August 2015How dependent were the ‘dependent poor’? Poor relief and the life-course in Terling, Essex, 1762-1834  French, Henry
    2 October 2020How does the decline and revival of Irish in Northern Ireland compare with the decline and revival of Cornish, and what successes from Northern Ireland can the Cornish language community adapt in its language policies?  Broadhurst, K
    21 November 2017How revolutionary was revolutionary justice? Legal culture in Russia across the revolutionary divide  Rendle, Matthew
    2016Humanitarian interventions, past and present (book chapter)  Thompson, AS
    27 August 2015Humanitarian principles put to the test: Challenges to humanitarian action during decolonization  Thompson, A