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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    29 September 2017Illustrating phallic worship: uses of material objects and the production of sexual knowledge in eighteenth-century antiquarianism and early twentieth-century sexual science  Funke, J; Fisher, K; Grove, J; et al.
    2013Images of Islam: a murder in colonial Calcutta  Chatterjee, Nandini
    17 December 2018Imagining Africa in Eastern Europe: Transcultural psychiatry and psychoanalysis in Cold War Yugoslavia  Antic, A
    1 October 2001Imagining the fishing: artists and fishermen in late nineteenth century Cornwall  Deacon, Bernard
    1 May 2004In search of community history  Deacon, Bernard; Donald, Moira
    25 August 2020In/visible Girls: ‘Girl Soldiers’, Gender and Humanitarianism in African Conflicts, c.1955-2005  Hynd, S
    2014Industrial Research at the Eastern Telegraph Company, 1872-1929  Noakes, Richard
    1998Inheritance, marriage, widowhood and remarriage: a comparative perspective on women and landholding in north-east Norfolk, 1440-1580  Whittle, Jane
    31 August 2016Initial views from the Digital Panopticon : Reconstructing Penal Outcomes in the 1790s  Ward, R; Williams, L
    19 July 2016Initiating therapeutic relaxation in Britain: a twentieth-century strategy for health and wellbeing.  Nathoo, A
    2010Inquiring into Adultery and Other Wicked Deeds: Episcopal Justice in Tenth- and Early Eleventh-Century Italy  Hamilton, Sarah
    22 July 2020Intercorporeality and social distancing: phenomenological reflections  Dolezal, L
    28 December 2015Interpreting Diversity: Excommunication Rites in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries  Hamilton, SM
    8 April 2020Interventions to minimise doctors’ mental ill-health and its impacts on the workforce and patient care: the Care Under Pressure realist review  Carrieri, D; Pearson, M; Mattick, K; et al.
    1 December 2008Introduction  H Cowley, A
    2004Introduction  Dawson, Gowan; Noakes, Richard; Topham, Jonathan R.
    28 March 2019Introduction to A World at War, 1911-1949: Explorations in the Cultural History of War  Pennell, CL; Ribeiro de Meneses, F
    6 April 2016Introduction to Special Issue: Infertility and Medicine in Medieval and Early Modern England  Rider, Catherine; Oren-Magidor, D
    1 December 2018Introduction: A new naval history  Colville, Q; Davey, J
    25 March 2021Introduction: Age of Promises - Electoral Pledges in Twentieth Century Britain  Thackeray, D; Toye, R