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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 March 2016Mahzar-namas in the Mughal and British Empires: The Uses of an Indo-Islamic Legal Form  Chatterjee, Nandini
    1 October 2018Makers and Keepers of Networks: Amerindian Spaces, Migrations, and Exchanges in the Brazilian Amazon and French Guiana, 1600–1730.  Espelt-Bombin, S
    1 January 2017Man about the House: Male Domesticity and Fatherhood in Soviet Visual Satire under Khrushchev  McCallum, C
    2020Managing Shipping Risk: General Average and Marine Insurance in early modern Genoa  Piccinno, L; Iodice, A
    16 August 2019Marcus Braun and “White Slavery”: Shifting Perceptions of People Smuggling and Human Trafficking in America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century  Allerfeldt, KM
    2 October 2020Maritime averages and the complexity of risk management in Sixteenth-century Antwerp  Dreijer, G
    9 February 2020Marx and Manchester: The Evolution of the Socialist Internationalist Free-Trade Tradition, c.1846-1946  Palen, M-W
    20 April 2021Mass Observation, apathy and electoral politics in England, 1937 - 1950  Thackeray, D
    1 December 2018Medical Practitioners in Early Modern Wrexham and Cardiff  Withey, ARJ
    30 April 2020Medieval Curses and Their Users  Hamilton, SM
    20 April 2016Men and Infertility in Late Medieval English Medicine  Rider, Catherine
    1 July 2014Mercy Amid Terror? The Role of Amnesties during Russia's Civil War  Rendle, M
    8 November 2018Midwifery and Maternity Care for Single Mothers in Eighteenth-Century Wales  Muir, A
    30 December 2016Migration and health: an introduction  Thomas, F
    28 April 2022Millenarian modernism in H. I. E. Dhlomo’s The girl who killed to save  Rose, A
    1 November 2003Mind almost divine  Knox, Kevin; Noakes, Richard
    1 December 2003Miracles and the Counter-Reformation mission to England  Walsham, Alexandra
    10 April 2018Moral narratives and mental health: rethinking understandings of distress and healthcare support in contexts of austerity and welfare reform  Thomas, F; Hansford, L; Ford, J; et al.
    2015Myth and counter-myth in World War II British politics  Thorpe, Andrew