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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 April 1982Science and polity in France at the end of the Old Regime, review  Jones, Colin
    2010Science and Technology: Taming Electricity, Connecting the World  Noakes, Richard
    1 September 2002Science in Mid-Victorian Punch  Noakes, Richard
    22 September 2005Science in the nineteenth-century periodical: an electronic index  Noakes, Richard
    1 April 2015Scorched by the Fire of War: Masculinity, War Wounds and Disability in Soviet Visual Culture, 1941-65  McCallum, CE
    18 November 2020Seeing beyond COVID-19: understanding the impact of the pandemic on oncology, and the importance of preparedness  Carrieri, D; Peccatori, FA
    2 April 2020Selling the Empire?: Marketing and the demise of the British World, c.1920-1960  Thackeray, D
    1 September 2015Senses of place, senses of time: landscape history from a British perspective  Whyte, Nicola
    25 March 2018Serving the State: empire, expertise and the British hemp crisis, 1800-1801  Davey, JP
    1 December 2017Shame, Stigma and Medicine  Lyons, B; Dolezal, L
    6 June 2017Shame, Vulnerability and Belonging: Reconsidering Sartre’s Account of Shame  Dolezal, L
    1 December 2000Sharon Macdonald (ed) (2000) Approaches to European Historical Consciousness - Reflections and Provocations, Eustory Series: Shaping European History, Vol 1. Hamburg: Körber-Stiftung. ISBN 3 89684 015 0.  Guyver, R
    1 July 2018Simon of Montfort, the Cistercians and the schools: The intellectual context of a crusading baron (1187-1218)  Lippiatt, GEM
    2 February 2017Singing for the Nation: Balladry, naval recruitment and the language of patriotism in eighteenth-century Britain  Davey, J
    29 September 2016Slavery and the birth of working-class racism in England, 1814–1833. The Alexander Prize Essay  Hanley, R
    29 September 2020Small warriors? Children and youth in colonial insurgencies and counterinsurgency, ca. 1945–1960  Hynd, S
    1 December 2015Socialism Goes Global: Decolonization and the making of a new culture of internationalism in Socialist Hungary 1956-1989  Mark, JA; Apor, P
    14 September 2017Socialist utopia in practice: everyday life and medical authority in a Hungarian polio hospital  Vargha, D
    2005Society, Resistance and Revolution: The Budapest Middle Class and the Hungarian Communist State 1948-56  Mark, James
    30 December 2016Socio-spatial dimensions of healthcare for newly arrived migrants  Thomas, F; Hoyez, A