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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    19 July 2019The Afterlife of the Ostend Company, 1727-1745  Dreijer, G
    15 September 2014The Amherst Embassy and British Discoveries in China  Hao, G
    2003The art of the unprinted: transcription and English antiquity in the age of print  Crick, Julia
    1 September 2003The Attlee government, the imperial preference system and the creation of the GATT  Toye, Richard
    2016The Battle for Spaces and Places in Russia's Civil War  Rendle, Matthew
    1 September 2004The Boy's Own Paper and late-Victorian juvenile magazines  Noakes, Richard
    1 December 2004The "bridge which is between physical and psychical research": William Fletcher Barrett, sensitive flames and spiritualism  Noakes, Richard
    1 November 2008The Bridgwater Infant Welfare Centre, 1922-1939: from an authoritarian concern with 'welfare mothers' to a more inclusive community health project?  Dale, Pamela
    1 December 2018The Bristol Hearth Tax 1662-1673  Leech, RH; Barry, J; Brown, A; et al.
    6 March 2020The Burden of Risk: Early Modern Maritime Enterprise and Varieties of Capitalism  Fusaro, M
    1997The case for a West Saxon minuscule  Crick, Julia
    21 July 2017The “Children of Crisis”: Making Sense of (Post)socialism and the End of Yugoslavia  Spaskovska, L
    1 March 2013The Civil War’s forgotten transatlantic tariff debate and the Confederacy’s free trade diplomacy  Palen, Marc-William
    2009The Communist Party and the New Party  Thorpe, Andrew
    19 March 2018The ‘Compleat Physician’ and Experimentation in Medicines: Everard Maynwaring (c.1629-1713) and the Restoration Debate on Medical Practice in London  Barry, J
    2003The Cornish paradox: ethnoregionalism in a hybrid territory  Deacon, Bernard
    1 January 2015The Criminal Corpse, Anatomists, and the Criminal Law : Parliamentary Attempts to Extend the Dissection of Offenders in Late Eighteenth-Century England  Ward, RM
    2020The Death and Subsequent Revival of the Cornish Language  Broadhurst, K
    1 December 2012The Diary of William Dyer: Bristol in 1762  Barry, J
    22 October 2019The Disobedient Child: A Tudor Interlude in Performance  Cox Jensen, F; Key, D; Whipday, E