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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    27 December 2021Archives as windows. A Zamīndār’s records in a colonial court  Chatterjee, N
    29 December 2015Arguing about intervention: a comparison of British and French rhetoric surrounding the 1882 and 1956 invasions of Egypt  Thomas, Martin; Toye, Richard
    31 October 2017Arson in Modern Ireland: Fire and Protest before the Famine  Clark, GM
    2003The art of the unprinted: transcription and English antiquity in the age of print  Crick, Julia
    30 June 2021Articulating Loss: A Thematic Framework for Understanding Coastal Heritage Transformations  Venture, T; DeSilvey, C; Onciul, B; et al.
    1 December 2021Asbestos's Animacy; or, Salamander Cotton  Rose, A
    14 October 2020Asking about self-harm and suicide in primary care: Moral and practical dimensions  Ford, J; Thomas, F; Byng, R; et al.
    1 September 2003The Attlee government, the imperial preference system and the creation of the GATT  Toye, Richard
    1 July 1986Ärzte im Nationalsozialismus, reveiw  Noakes, Jeremy
    22 January 2020Bastardy in Butleigh: illegitimacy, genealogies and the old Poor Law in Somerset, 1762-1834  French, H
    2016The Battle for Spaces and Places in Russia's Civil War  Rendle, Matthew
    27 April 2020‘A Beautiful Dream, Facing Both the Future and the Past’: Destalinization, Visual Culture and the Fortieth Anniversary of the October Revolution  McCallum, CE
    2022Beckett, Barthes and breath  Rose, A
    17 December 2018Before Church and State: A Study of Social Order in the Sacramental Kingdom of St. Louis IX. By Andrew Willard Jones. Emmaus Academic. 2017. xviii + 492pp. $39.95.  Lippiatt, G
    1 May 2015Believing the unbelievable: the myth of Russians 'with snow on their boots' in the United Kingdom, 1914  Pennell, Catriona
    20 August 2019Bespreking van: R. Zijlmans, Troebele betrekkingen. Grens-, scheepvaart- en waterstaatskwesties in de Nederlanden tot 1800 (Hilversum, Verloren, 2016)  De ruysscher, D; Dreijer, G
    24 August 2015‘Better housing conditions are of vital importance to the ordinary man’: slum clearance in post-war Khartoum  Curless, Gareth
    2014Between East and West: polio vaccination across the Iron Curtain in Cold War Hungary.  Vargha, D
    24 June 2022Beyond a trauma-informed approach and towards shame-sensitive practice  Dolezal, L; Gibson, M
    11 July 2019Beyond Jerusalem Syndrome: Religious Mania and Miracle Cures in British Mandate Palestine  Wilson, C