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  • Grounded Disease: The Biological and the Social in Medicine 

    Glackin, SN (Wiley, 1 January 2018)
    Social Constructivism about the disease concept has generally been taken to ignore the fundamental biological reality underlying diseases, as well as to fall foul of several apparently compelling objections. In this paper ...
  • From Wide Cognition to Mechanisms: A Silent Revolution 

    Milkowski, M; Clowes, R; Rucińska, Z; et al. (Frontiers Media, 6 December 2018)
    In this paper, we argue that several recent ‘wide’ perspectives on cognition (embodied, embedded, extended, enactive, and distributed) are only partially relevant to the study of cognition. While these wide accounts override ...
  • Umamimi robotic horse ears – using configurable code profiles to replicate individuality in equine animatronics 

    North, S (ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), 7 December 2018)
    In this descriptive paper, the author reports developing a set of prototype, programmable animatronic, robotic horse ears. Applications are: (i) when worn by a human, to explore interaction between horses and humans, using ...
  • Assets, Commodities and Biosocialities. Multiple Biovalues in Hybrid Biobanking Practices 

    Beltrame, L; Hauskeller, C (STS Italia, 1 January 2018)
    Biobanks are crucial institutions in the infrastructure of contemporary life sciences. They depend on the participation of donors who give tissues and data. Through their participa-tion, donors can build identities and ...
  • Bourdieu, Foucault and the politics of precarity 

    Masquelier, C (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 7 December 2018)
    Precarity is widely regarded as a defining condition of advanced capitalist societies. Given its existentially troubling character and a range of movements condemning its social consequences, several contemporary analysts ...

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