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  • E-cigarette regulation and policy: UK vapers’ perspectives 

    Farrimond, Hannah (Wiley, 2016-01-23)
    Background and aims The rapid increase in use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) has created an international policy dilemma concerning how to use these products. This study assesses the types of beliefs that e-cigarette ...
  • E-government and organizational change: Reappraising the role of ICT and bureaucracy in public service delivery 

    Cordella, A; Tempini, Niccolò (Elsevier Ltd, 2015-07-01)
    There is a substantial literature on e-government that discusses information and communication technology (ICT) as an instrument for reducing the role of bureaucracy in government organizations. The purpose of this paper ...
  • Emotion and ethics: an inter-(en)active approach 

    Colombetti, Giovanna; Torrance, Steve (Springer, 2009-12)
    In this paper we start exploring the affective and ethical dimension of what De Jaegher and Di Paolo (2007) have called ‘participatory sense-making’. In the first part, we distinguish various ways in which we are, and feel, ...
  • Emotional Regulation and Responsibility 

    Roberts, Tom (Springer Verlag, 2014-08-22)
    I argue that one's responsibility for one's emotions has a twofold structure: one bears direct responsibility for emotions insofar as they are the upshot of first-order evaluative judgements concerning reasons of fit; and ...
  • Enacting emotional interpretations with feeling 

    Colombetti, Giovanna; Thompson, Evan (Cambridge University Press, 2005-04)
    This commentary makes three points: (1) There may be no clear-cut distinction between emotion and appraisal “constituents” at neural and psychological levels. (2) The microdevelopment of an emotional interpretation contains ...
  • Enactive affectivity, extended 

    Colombetti, Giovanna (Springer, 2015)
    In this paper I advance an enactive view of affectivity that does not imply that affectivity must stop at the boundaries of the organism. I first review the enactive notion of “sense-making”, and argue that it entails ...
  • Enlightened mills: mechanizing olive oil production in Mediterranean Europe 

    Mazzotti, Massimo (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004-04)
  • Ethical Consumption: The Case of Fair Trade 

    Neoliberal capitalism incorporates consumption as a realm of freedom and thus as a central field for expressing authentic selfhood. But this freedom also defines consumers as ultimately responsible for their choices, ...
  • Evidencing similarity: The language of judgement, spin, and accountability 

    Rappert, Brian (John Benjamins Publishing, 2011)
    Accusations that some purposefully manipulate information in order to create a favourable impression in others are commonplace in political life. The term ‘spin’ has emerged in recent decades as a versatile but ill-defined ...
  • Exploring the crime-terror nexus in the United States: a social network analysis of a Hezbollah network involved in trade diversion 

    Belli, Roberta; Freilich, Joshua D.; Chermak, Steven M.; Boyd, Katharine A. (Routledge/Taylor and Francis, 2015-11-30)
    This exploratory study examined the nexus between crime and terrorism through a social network analysis of an American based Hezbollah network involved in trade diversion of cigarettes for self-financing purposes. Our study ...
  • Families dealing with the uncertainty of genetic disorders: the case of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 

    Carrieri, Daniele; Farrimond, Hannah; Kelly, Susan E.; Turnpenny, Peter D. (Wiley for Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness, 2015)
    Some scholars contend that genetic medicine is transforming the experience of illness and thesocial category of the family – bringing future risks into the present, and potentially strengthening familial biological bonds ...
  • The female combat soldier 

    King, Anthony (SAGE Publications, 2015-03-24)
    As a result of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, women have increasingly served on the frontline performing in combat roles, once reserved exclusively for men. This paper explores the ways in which western military culture ...
  • The first-person perspective and beyond: Comment on Almaas 

    Høffding, S; Krueger, JW (Imprint Academic, 2016-01-01)
  • Football hooliganism and the practical paradigm 

    King, Anthony (Human Kinetics, 1999-09)
    There has been a convergence in the study of football hooliganism in the 1990s between the approaches of Clifford Stott and Steve Reicher, and Anthony King, whose work emphasizes the interactional rather than predispositional ...
  • For science and for the Pope-king: writing the history of the exact sciences in nineteenth-century Rome 

    Mazzotti, Massimo (Cambridge University Press, 2000-09)
    This paper analyses the contents and the style of the Bullettino di bibliografia e di storia delle scienze matematiche e fisiche (1868–1887), the first journal entirely devoted to the history of mathematics. It is argued ...
  • Forever Young? Life Extension and the Ageing Mind 

    Hauskeller, Michael (Peeters Publishers, 2011)
    This paper argues that the goal that the proponents of radical life extension wish to attain is in fact unattainable and that therefore, with regard to this goal, the whole project of conquering ageing and death is likely ...
  • From affect programs to dynamical discrete emotions 

    Colombetti, Giovanna (Taylor & Francis, 2009-08)
    According to Discrete Emotion Theory, a number of emotions are distinguishable on the basis of neural, physiological, behavioral and expressive features. Critics of this view emphasize the variability and context-sensitivity ...
  • The future of the European Security and Defence Policy 

    King, Anthony (Taylor & Francis, 2005-04)
    The European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) marks an important political moment when European integration has been extended to the issue of defence. Understandably, there has been extensive commentary on the ESDP, most ...
  • Gabriel Tarde and Contemporary Social Theory 

    King, Anthony (American Sociological Association, 2015)
    After a century of obscurity, the work of Gabriel Tarde is once again attracting the attention of social theorists. In particular, Bruno Latour has been a fervent advocate of Tarde work as a form of sociology which, he ...