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  • Data Interpretation in the Digital Age 

    Leonelli, Sabina (MIT Press, 2014)
    The consultation of internet databases and the related use of computer software to retrieve, visualise and model data have become key components of many areas of scientific research. This paper focuses on the relation of ...
  • Data Sharing and Dual-Use Issues 

    Bezuidenhout, Louise Martha (Springer, 2011-07)
    The concept of dual-use encapsulates the potential for well-intentioned, beneficial scientific research to also be misused by a third party for malicious ends. The concept of dual-use challenges scientists to look beyond ...
  • Documenting the emergence of bio-ontologies: or, why researching bioinformatics requires HPSSB. 

    Leonelli, Sabina (Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, 2010)
    This paper reflects on the analytic challenges emerging from the study of bioinformatic tools recently created to store and disseminate biological data, such as databases, repositories, and bio-ontologies. I focus my ...
  • Dual-use Issues and Data Sharing 

    Bezuidenhout, Louisa Martha (Springer, 2013)
    The concept of dual-use encapsulates the potential for well-intentioned, beneficial scientific research to also be misused by a third party for malicious ends. The concept of dual-use challenges scientists to look beyond ...
  • Emotion and ethics: an inter-(en)active approach 

    Colombetti, Giovanna; Torrance, Steve (Springer, 2009-12)
    In this paper we start exploring the affective and ethical dimension of what De Jaegher and Di Paolo (2007) have called ‘participatory sense-making’. In the first part, we distinguish various ways in which we are, and feel, ...
  • Emotional Regulation and Responsibility 

    Roberts, Tom (Springer Verlag, 2014-08-22)
    I argue that one's responsibility for one's emotions has a twofold structure: one bears direct responsibility for emotions insofar as they are the upshot of first-order evaluative judgements concerning reasons of fit; and ...
  • Enacting emotional interpretations with feeling 

    Colombetti, Giovanna; Thompson, Evan (Cambridge University Press, 2005-04)
    This commentary makes three points: (1) There may be no clear-cut distinction between emotion and appraisal “constituents” at neural and psychological levels. (2) The microdevelopment of an emotional interpretation contains ...
  • Enlightened mills: mechanizing olive oil production in Mediterranean Europe 

    Mazzotti, Massimo (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004-04)
  • Ethical Consumption: The Case of Fair Trade 

    Neoliberal capitalism incorporates consumption as a realm of freedom and thus as a central field for expressing authentic selfhood. But this freedom also defines consumers as ultimately responsible for their choices, ...
  • Ethics in the Minutiae: Examining the Role of the Physical Laboratory Environment in Ethical Discourse 

    Bezuidenhout, Louise Martha (Springer, 2015)
    Responsibility within life science research is a highly scrutinised field. Increasingly, scientists are presented with a range of duties and expectations regarding their conduct within the research setting. In many cases, ...
  • The ethos of the Royal Marines: the precise application of will 

    King, Anthony (2004-07)
    The current debates about ethos in the military have been wrongly conceived. Ethos is not an intangible spiritual substance which is related in some unspecified way to the moral component of fighting power. Ethos refers ...
  • Everything counts in large amounts: A critical realist case study on data-based production 

    Aaltonen, Aleksi; Tempini, Niccolò (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014-01-07)
    Contemporary digital ecosystems produce vast amounts of data every day. The data are often no more than microscopic log entries generated by the elements of an information infrastructure or system. Although such records ...
  • Evidencing similarity: The language of judgement, spin, and accountability 

    Rappert, Brian (John Benjamins Publishing, 2011)
    Accusations that some purposefully manipulate information in order to create a favourable impression in others are commonplace in political life. The term ‘spin’ has emerged in recent decades as a versatile but ill-defined ...
  • The Experimental Hut: Hosting Vectors 

    Kelly, Ann H. (2012-06-01)
    In southeast Tanzania, ten canvass huts raised on wooden foundations occupy a plot of cleared rice field. Designed to simulate malaria transmission on the domestic scale, the experimental hut is constructed in the fashion ...
  • Extending Emotional Consciousness 

    Roberts, Tom (Ingenta, 2015)
    Recent work on extended mind theory has considered whether the material realizers of phenomenally conscious states might be distributed across both body and world. A popular framework for understanding perceptual consciousness ...
  • Fact and Value 

    Dupré, John (Oxford University Press, 2007)
  • Failure to protect: a case for the prohibition of cluster munitions 

    Rappert, Brian; Moyes, Richard (Landmine Action, 2006-08)
    This report, launched during the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) in Geneva, lays out the policy framework of Landmine Action in relation to cluster munitions. It provides the broad basis for Landmine ...
  • Football hooliganism and the practical paradigm 

    King, Anthony (Human Kinetics, 1999-09)
    There has been a convergence in the study of football hooliganism in the 1990s between the approaches of Clifford Stott and Steve Reicher, and Anthony King, whose work emphasizes the interactional rather than predispositional ...