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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2020The Embodiment of Emotion  Colombetti, G
    7 August 2017Epistemology as fiction  Toon, A
    14 January 2017The ethics of research  Farrimond, HR
    29 October 2018Ethnographies of Sound  Rice, T
    1 January 2016The Extended Mind Thesis and Religious Cognition  Krueger, JW
    2007Fact and Value  Dupré, John
    1 December 2003From 1968 to 1999  King, Anthony
    2020From Dirty Data to Tidy Facts: Clustering Practices in Plant Phenomics and Business Cycle Analysis  Boumans, MJ; Leonelli, S
    1 July 2016From Heredity to Genetics: Political, Medical, and Agro-Industrial Contexts  Muller-Wille, SEW; Brandt, C
    30 November 2018From physiology to experience: enriching existing conceptions of "arousal" in affective science  Colombetti, G; Harrison, NA
    17 April 2018Genomics and Big Data in Biomedicine  Tempini, N; Leonelli, S
    7 February 2020Gratitude  Kavedzija, I
    30 May 2018Gregor Mendel and the History of Heredity  Muller-Wille, SEW
    2009Hard and Easy Questions about Consciousness  Dupré, John
    2011The Healthy Body as Religious Territory: Health Consumerism as New Religious Practice?  Varul, M.Z.
    1 July 2016Heredity Before Genetics  Muller-Wille, SEW; Rheinberger, HJ
    1 October 2015Hérédité, race et eugénisme dans le long xixe siècle  Muller-Wille, SEW
    25 November 2017How Many Colours?  Walsh, KE
    15 June 2015Human Genome Project, personalised medicine and future health care  Tempini, Niccolò; Leonelli, Sabina
    2015The Hybrid Hominin: A Renewed Point of Departure For Philosophical Anthropology.  Moss, Lenny