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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 November 2016“$100 Is not much to you”: Open science and neglected accessibilities for scientific research in Africa  Bezuidenhout, L; Kelly, A; Leonelli, S; et al.
    2008'After Heroism: Religion vs. Consumerism - Preliminaries for an Investigation of Protestantism and Islam under Consumer Culture  Varul, M.Z.
    2014'Backroom Boys’: Occupational Dynamics in Crime Scene Examination  Wilson-Kovacs, Dana
    24 October 2014A Breath of Fresh Air: Absence and the Structure of Olfactory Perception.  Roberts, Tom
    15 August 2014'Clearly Necessary', 'Wonderful' and 'Engrossing'? Mass observation correspondents discuss forensic technologies  Wilson-Kovacs, Dana
    2 November 2018A computational anthrozoology perspective on horse-machine interaction: explored through the umamimi robotic horse ears  North, S
    1 May 2008A convention beyond the Convention: stigma, humanitarian standards and the Oslo Process  Rappert, Brian
    23 March 2018“Could we meet?”: A conversation on collaboration, feeling and failure  Balmer, AS; Molyneux-Hodgson, S; Callard, F; et al.
    2015A Cure for Humanity: the Transhumanisation of Culture  Hauskeller, Michael
    8 May 2017‘Depends on who’s got the data’: public understandings of personal digital dataveillance  Michael, M; Lupton, D
    31 October 2018‘Extreme’ Organisms and the Problem of Generalization: Interpreting the Krogh Principle  Green, S; Dietrich, M; Leonelli, S; et al.
    11 April 2017‘For Me, the Biggest Benefit is Being Ahead of the Game’: The Use of Social Media in Health Work  Lupton, D; Michael, M
    1 November 2017“Hey, where’s my hay?” design fictions in horse-computer interaction  North, S
    10 October 2017‘I heard a dog cry’: More-than-human interrelatedness, ethnicity and zootherapy in South Korean civil society discourse about dog meat consumption  Dugnoille, J
    9 February 2013["In der Jungfernheide hinterm Pulvermagazin frequens"].  Böhme, K; Müller-Wille, S
    10 May 2017A 'joint venture' model of recontacting in clinical genomics: challenges for responsible implementation  Dheensa, S; Carrieri, D; Kelly, S; et al.
    2019A Jungly Feeling: the Atmospheric Design of Zoos  Hauskeller, M; Rice, T
    1 September 2015"Life's a bitch and then you don't die": Postmortality in film and television  Hauskeller, Michael
    14 June 2018A manifesto for a processual philosophy of biology  Dupre, JA; Nicholson, D
    1 October 2010“The Map of the Mexican’s Genome”: overlapping national identity, and population genomics  Schwartz-Marín, E; Silva-Zolezzi, I