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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 February 2014Back to bundles: Deflating property rights, again  Glackin, Shane N.
    1998Baudrillard's nihilism and the end of theory  King, Anthony
    1 March 2017Be(ing) prepared: Guide and Scout participation, childhood social position and mental health at age 50—a prospective birth cohort study  Dibben, C; Playford, C; Mitchell, R
    2015Begriff und Wahrnehmung von Atmosphären  Hauskeller, Michael
    2012Being in an environment: a performative perspective  Pickering, Andrew
    9 November 2018Between the Local and the Global: Evaluating European regulation of stem cell regenerative medicine  Hauskeller, C
    2016Between the NEET and the tidy - Exploring ‘middle’ outcomes in Scottish school qualifications  Gayle, V; Playford, CJ; Connelly, R; et al.
    1 October 2013Beyond Believing Badly  Wilkinson, S
    11 June 2015Beyond capitalism and liberal democracy: On the relevance of GDH Cole’s sociological critique and alternative  Masquelier, C; Dawson, M
    30 June 2017Beyond Co-optation: Revisiting the Transformative Function of "Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises"  Masquelier, CAD
    2009Beyond Design: Cybernetics, Biological Computers and Hylozoism  Pickering, Andrew
    1 September 2017Beyond individualism: Is there a place for relational autonomy in clinical practice and research?  Dove, ES; Kelly, SE; Lucivero, F; et al.
    1 March 2012Beyond the caveman: Rethinking masculinity in relation to men’s help-seeking  Farrimond, Hannah
    1 August 2017Beyond the digital divide: Towards a situated approach to open data  Bezuidenhout, L; Rappert, B; Kelly, A; et al.
    2013Bigger, Faster, Better? Rhetorics and Practices of Large-Scale Research in Contemporary Bioscience  Davies, Gail; Frow, Emma; Leonelli, Sabina
    1 February 2016Binocularity in Bioethics—and Beyond: A Review of Erik Parens, Shaping Our Selves: On Technology, Flourishing, and a Habit of Thinking  Earp, Brian D.; Hauskeller, Michael
    2008Bio-Ontologies as Tools for Integration in Biology  Leonelli, Sabina
    26 September 2011Bioethics Authorship in Context: How Trends in Biomedicine Challenge Bioethics  Ankeny, Rachel A.; Leonelli, Sabina
    1 November 2017Biomedical Knowledge Production in the Age of Big Data  Leonelli, S
    2014Black Box Wissenschaft - Produktive Kontraste in der Wissenschaftsforschung  Schillmeier, Michael