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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 July 2019Data Governance is key to interpretation: reconceptualizing data in data science  Leonelli, S
    2014Data Interpretation in the Digital Age  Leonelli, Sabina
    6 June 2017Data Management and Best Practice for Plant Science  Leonelli, S; Davey, RP; Arnaud, E; et al.
    29 December 2016Data Shadows: Knowledge, Openness and Absence  Leonelli, S; Rappert, B; Davies, GF
    1 July 2011Data Sharing and Dual-Use Issues  Bezuidenhout, Louise Martha
    18 May 2017Data Sharing in Low-resourced Research Environments  Rappert, B; Bezuidenhout, L
    15 October 2019Data — from objects to assets  Leonelli, S
    22 June 2019Deconstructing Diagnosis: Four Commentaries on a Diagnostic Tool to Assess Individuals for Autism Spectrum Disorders  Tamimi, S; Milton, D; Bovell, V; et al.
    22 June 2019Deconstructing diagnosis: four commentaries on a diagnostic tool to assess individuals for autism spectrum disorders  Timimi, S; Milton, D; Bovell, V; et al.
    16 August 2013Delusions, dreams, and the nature of identification  Wilkinson, S
    27 March 2017Der Westen und die Wissenschaftliche Revolution  Muller-Wille, SEW
    3 January 2018Design, death and energy  Michael, M
    27 October 2017Destroying iPhones: Feral science and the antithetical citizen  Michael, M
    1 January 2014Detachment and Compensation: Groundwork for a Metaphysics of "Biosocial Becoming".  Moss, Lenny
    3 August 2018Developing E-cigarette friendly smoking cessation services in England: staff perspectives  Farrimond, H; Abraham, C
    1 December 2017Development, Wellbeing and Perceptions of the ‘Expert’ in Ladakh, North-West India  Butcher, A
    21 November 2014Dewey's rejection of the emotion/expression distinction  Krueger, J
    1 March 2015Diagonal convergences: genetic testing, governance, and globalisation  Hauskeller, C
    19 March 2018Differences in partnership and marital status at first birth by women’s and their partners’ education: evidence from Britain 1991–2012  Peri-Rotem, N; Scott, J
    6 June 2018Digital orphans: Data closure and openness in patient- powered networks  Tempini, N; Del Savio, L