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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    31 October 2018La Ricerca Scientifica Nell'Era Dei Big Data  Leonelli, S
    1 January 2015La rupture de la « grande chaîne des êtres » : la diversité en histoire naturelle, de 1758 à 1859  Müller-Wille, S
    10 December 2018Leaky revelations: Commitments in exposing militarism  Rappert, B
    1 January 1999Legitimating post-Fordism: a critique of Anthony Giddens' later works  King, Anthony
    1 January 2016Leveling the playing field: on the alleged unfairness of the genetic lottery  Hauskeller, Michael
    29 April 2014Levels and kinds of explanation: lessons from neuropsychiatry  Wilkinson, S
    1 November 2018Linnaean paper tools  Muller-Wille, SEW
    1 January 2015Linnaeus and the Four Corners of the World  Müller-Wille, S
    1 November 2018Linnaeus and the Love Life of Plants  Muller-Wille, SEW
    1 January 2015Listening  Rice, Tom
    1 August 2007Listening as touching and the dangers of intimacy  Rice, T
    1 December 2012Lists as Research Technologies  Muller-Wille, SEW; Charmantier, I
    21 August 2012Living in the Material World  Pickering, Andrew
    14 November 2016Locating Ethics in Data Science: Responsibility and Accountability in Global and Distributed Knowledge Production  Leonelli, S
    17 June 2016Losing Social Space: Phenomenological Disruptions of Spatiality and Embodiment in Moebius Syndrome and Schizophrenia  Krueger, JW; Taylor Aiken, A