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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    28 April 2017Occupying the Ontological Penumbra: Towards a Postsecular and Theologically Minded Anthropology  Merz, Johannes; Merz, Sharon
    28 May 2018Of Manners and Hedgehogs: Building closeness by maintaining distance  Kavedzija, I
    3 October 2013On being annoyed  Roberts, Tom
    2015On conveying and not conveying expertise  Rappert, Brian; Coopmans, Catelijne
    2003On Human Nature  Dupré, John
    1 December 2003On human nature  Dupré, John
    17 March 2015On Oenological Authenticity: Making Wine Real and Making Real Wine  Inglis, David
    2009On the Locality of Data and Claims About Phenomena  Leonelli, Sabina
    1 November 2007On the mid range: an exercise in disposing (or minding the gaps)  Rappert, Brian
    7 May 2018On “Aesthetic Publics”: The Case of VANTAblack®  Michael, M
    6 October 2016Open Data: curation Is under-resourced  Leonelli, S
    27 March 2014Open Science and Open Innovation in the Life Sciences - ESRC Cross-Linking Grant  Levin, Nadine; Leonelli, Sabina; Weckowska, Dagmara; et al.
    19 October 2018Opening Spaces through Exhibiting Absences: Representing Secretive Pasts  Rappert, B; Smith, K; Gould, C
    1 January 2018Openness and Responsibility  Prainsack, B; Leonelli, S
    1 November 2012Opinions Toward Suicide: Cross-national evaluation of cultural and religious effects on individuals  Boyd, KA; Chung, H
    16 November 2017Ordinary Men: Genocide, Determinism, Agency and Moral Culpability  Pleasants, NJ
    28 June 2019Organisms in Experimental Research  Ankeny, R; Leonelli, S
    1 November 2005Out of balance: the UK Government's efforts to understand cluster munitions and international humanitarian law  Rappert, Brian
    1 May 2009Overcoming structure and agency: Talcott Parsons, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the theory of social action  King, Anthony