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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2006Waste, Industry and Romantic Leisure: Veblen's Theory of Recognition  Varul, M.Z.
    1 January 2018Watsuji’s Phenomenology of Aidagara: An Interpretation and Application to Psychopathology  Krueger, JW
    2013Watsuji’s Phenomenology of Embodiment and Social Space  Krueger, Joel
    1 October 2014What Can Evolution Tell us About the Healthy Mind?  Dupré, John
    1 December 2014What can we learn from happiness surveys?  Skidelsky, Edward
    2015What Counts as Scientific Data? A Relational Framework  Leonelli, Sabina
    2014What Difference Does Quantity Make? On the Epistemology of Big Data Biology  Leonelli, Sabina
    15 January 2019What Distinguishes Data from Models?  Leonelli, S
    2008What Genes Are, and Why There Are No 'Genes For Race'  Dupré, John
    2017What is absent from contemplative neuroscience? Rethinking limits within the study of consciousness, experience, and meditation  Rappert, B; Colombetti, G; Coopmans, K
    2007What is in a Model? Using Theoretical and Material Models to Develop Intelligible Theories  Leonelli, Sabina
    28 March 2011What is Natural about Human Nature?  Dupré, John
    2011What Is So Special About Model Organisms?  Ankeny, Rachel A.; Leonelli, Sabina
    1 September 2009What language does to feelings  Colombetti, Giovanna
    2013What makes a model organism?  Leonelli, Sabina; Ankeny, Rachel A.
    8 November 2018What moral philosophers can learn from the history of moral concepts  Skidelsky, EBH
    2004What's all the Fuss About Social Constructivism?  Dupré, John
    23 February 2012When humans are the exception: cross-species databases at the interface of biological and clinical research.  Leonelli, Sabina
    8 June 2018Where health and environment meet: The use of invariant parameters in big data analysis  Leonelli, S; Tempini, N
    2015Where is the understanding?  Toon, Adam