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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 March 2008Against Maladaptationism: or What’s Wrong with Evolutionary Psychology?  Dupré, John
    5 June 2018Against Thatcherite linguistics: Rule-following, speech communities, and biolanguage  Glackin, SN
    16 May 2014The Age of Decline? Anxieties about Ageing in Japan  Kavedžija, I
    27 March 2017Amongst the disciplines: anthropology, sociology, intersection, and intersectionality  Tyler, K; Degnen, C
    1 September 2014Animalism and the persistence of human organisms  Dupré, John
    1 February 2016Animals as producers, consumers and consumed: the complexities of trans-species sustenance in a multi-faith community  Hurn, Samantha
    6 March 2018Antigone’s forensic DNA database: Forensic technologies and the search for the disappeared in Mexico  Schwartz Marin, E; Cruz-Santiago, A
    1 August 2005Appraising valence  Colombetti, Giovanna
    21 August 2019Are emotional states based in the brain? A critique of affective brainocentrism from a physiological perspective  Colombetti, G; Zavala, E
    7 September 2017The argument from surprise  Currie, A
    2015The Art of Misunderstanding Critics: the Case of Persson and Savulescu's Defense of Moral Bioenhancement  Hauskeller, Michael
    1 February 2018Assembling Biomedical Big Data  Leonelli, S
    6 February 2018Assets, Commodities and Biosocialities. Multiple Biovalues in Hybrid Biobanking Practices  Beltrame, L; Hauskeller, C
    2 September 2015At Home in and Beyond Our Skin: Posthuman Embodiment in Film and Television  Krueger, JW
    2015Attachments and connections: a ‘white working class’ English family’s relationships with their BrAsian ‘Pakistani’ neighbours  Tyler, Katharine
    2 July 2018Attitudes Towards the Donation of Human Embryos for Stem Cell Research Among Chinese IVF Patients and Students.  Rosemann, A; Luo, H
    1 October 2017Automatic Sweethearts for Transhumanists  Hauskeller, M
    19 June 2017Automobility reconfigured? Ironic seductions and mundane freedoms in 16–21 year olds’ accounts of car driving and ownership  Green, J; Steinbach, R; Garnett, E; et al.
    4 February 2014Back to bundles: Deflating property rights, again  Glackin, Shane N.
    2014'Backroom Boys’: Occupational Dynamics in Crime Scene Examination  Wilson-Kovacs, Dana