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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1998Baudrillard's nihilism and the end of theory  King, Anthony
    2015Close Quarters Battle: urban combat and 'special forcification'  King, Anthony
    21 September 2016Combat effectiveness in the infantry platoon: beyond the primary group thesis  King, Anthony
    1 January 2014The digital revolution: camouflage uniforms in the 21st century  King, Anthony
    1 July 2004The ethos of the Royal Marines: the precise application of will  King, Anthony
    24 March 2015The female combat soldier  King, Anthony
    1 September 1999Football hooliganism and the practical paradigm  King, Anthony
    1 December 2003From 1968 to 1999  King, Anthony
    1 April 2005The future of the European Security and Defence Policy  King, Anthony
    1 March 2016Gabriel Tarde and Contemporary Social Theory  King, Anthony
    1999Legitimating post-Fordism: a critique of Anthony Giddens' later works  King, Anthony
    2006Nationalism and sport  King, Anthony
    1 September 1997New directors, customers, and fans: the transformation of English football in the 1990s  King, Anthony
    1 May 2009Overcoming structure and agency: Talcott Parsons, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the theory of social action  King, Anthony
    1 February 2005Rituals of sport  King, Anthony
    1 August 2006Serial killing and the postmodern self  King, Anthony
    1 April 2004Structure and agency  King, Anthony
    1 September 2006Towards a European military culture?  King, Anthony
    1 April 2015Women Warriors: female access to ground combat  King, Anthony
    1 July 2006The word of command: communication and cohesion in the military  King, Anthony