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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2019Affective Affordances and Psychopathology  Krueger, JW; Colombetti, G
    6 January 2014Affordances and the musically extended mind.  Krueger, JW
    2 September 2015At Home in and Beyond Our Skin: Posthuman Embodiment in Film and Television  Krueger, JW
    31 October 2018Direct Social Perception  Krueger, JW
    25 July 2018Editorial: Affectivity Beyond the Skin  Colombetti, G; Krueger, JW; Roberts, T
    20 October 2016Embodiment and Affectivity in Moebius Syndrome and Schizophrenia: A Phenomenological Analysis  Krueger, JW; Henriksen, MG
    23 October 2015Empathy Beyond the Head: Comment on “Music, Empathy, and Cultural Understanding” by E. Clarke et al.  Krueger, JW
    14 February 2019Enactivism, Other Minds, and Mental Disorders  Krueger, JW
    11 December 2016Extended Emotions  Krueger, JW
    1 January 2016The Extended Mind Thesis and Religious Cognition  Krueger, JW
    1 January 2016The first-person perspective and beyond: Comment on Almaas  Høffding, S; Krueger, JW
    6 December 2018From Wide Cognition to Mechanisms: A Silent Revolution  Milkowski, M; Clowes, R; Rucińska, Z; et al.
    2016Intentionality  Krueger, JW
    17 November 2016James on Pure Experience  Krueger, JW
    17 June 2016Losing Social Space: Phenomenological Disruptions of Spatiality and Embodiment in Moebius Syndrome and Schizophrenia  Krueger, JW; Taylor Aiken, A
    2020Maurice Merleau-Ponty  Krueger, JW
    11 June 2019Mental institutions, habits of mind, and an extended approach to autism  Krueger, JW; Maiese, M
    15 April 2019Music as affective scaffolding  Krueger, JW
    1 February 2018Musical scaffolding and the pleasure of sad music: Comment on “An Integrative Review of the Enjoyment of Sadness Associated with Music” by Tuomas Eerola et al.  Krueger, JW
    8 December 2016Musical Worlds and the Extended Mind  Krueger, JW