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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 July 2018Aesthetics and Affect: Engaging Energy Communities  Michael, M; Wilkie, A; Ovalle, L
    8 May 2017‘Depends on who’s got the data’: public understandings of personal digital dataveillance  Michael, M; Lupton, D
    3 January 2018Design, death and energy  Michael, M
    27 October 2017Destroying iPhones: Feral science and the antithetical citizen  Michael, M
    27 February 2017Enacting big futures, little futures: toward an ecology of futures  Michael, M
    3 October 2020Enacting intimacy and sociality at a distance in the COVID-19 crisis: the sociomaterialities of home-based communication technologies  Watson, A; Lupton, D; Michael, M
    4 June 2014Enacting the ‘neuro’ in practice: Translational research, adhesion and the promise of porosity  Brosnan, C; Michael, M
    11 April 2017‘For Me, the Biggest Benefit is Being Ahead of the Game’: The Use of Social Media in Health Work  Lupton, D; Michael, M
    30 October 2019Introduction: the ambivalences of abstraction  Lury, C; Michael, M
    1 May 2020London’s fatbergs and affective infrastructuring  Michael, M
    21 January 2016Notes Toward a Speculative Methodology of Everyday Life  Michael, M
    7 May 2018On “Aesthetic Publics”: The Case of VANTAblack®  Michael, M
    14 July 2014Speculative Method and Twitter: Bots, Energy and Three Conceptual Characters  Wilkie, A; Michael, M; Plummer-Fernandez, M
    13 October 2015Toward a Manifesto for the Public Understanding of Big Data  Michael, M; Lupton, D
    2 September 2019Toward the Abstractors: Modes of Care and Lineages of Becoming  Michael, M