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  • Against Thatcherite linguistics: Rule-following, speech communities, and biolanguage 

    Glackin, SN (Wiley, 2018-06-05)
    According to Chomsky and his followers, language as a biological phenomenon is a property of individual minds and brains; its status as a social phenomenon is merely epiphenomenal, and not a proper object of scientific ...
  • Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter 

    Glackin, SN (University of Chicago Press, 2017-09)
    The 82 essays collected here are, for the most part, previously published op-ed articles of two to four pages in length. Their author is one of the great provocateurs of contemporary bioethics, and in this volume ...
  • Individualism and the medical: what about somatic externalism? 

    Glackin, SN (Oxford University Press (OUP) for Analysis Trust, 2017-04-01)
    If mental illnesses are externally constituted, then so are somatic illnesses. Will Davies makes a persuasive case for externalism in psychiatry; as I show here, parallel examples exist in somatic medicine.
  • Parsing placebo treatments: a response to Barnhill and Miller. 

    Glackin, SN (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016-06-23)
    Anne Barnhill and Franklin Miller dispute my claim that the prescriptions of placebo treatments to patients are not typically deceptive, and do not typically violate the patients' informed consent. However, Barnhill and ...