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  • Ecosystem services: response. 

    Bateman, Ian; Harwood, Amii R.; Mace, Georgina; Watson, RT; Abson, David J.; Andrews, B; Binner, Amy; Crowe, A; Day, Brett; Dugdale, S; Fezzi, Carlo; Foden, J; Hadley, D; Haines-Young, R; Hulme, M; Kontoleon, A; Lovett, Andrew A.; Munday, P; Pascual, Unai; Paterson, J; Perino, G; Sen, A; Siriwardena, G; van Soest, D; Termansen, Mette (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2013-10-25)
  • The Effect of Fact-Checking on Elites: A Field Experiment on U.S. State Legislators 

    Nyhan, B; Reifler, J (Wiley, 2014-10-27)
    © 2014, Midwest Political Science Association. Does external monitoring improve democratic performance? Fact-checking has come to play an increasingly important role in political coverage in the United States, but some ...
  • Effective messages in vaccine promotion: a randomized trial. 

    Nyhan, B; Reifler, J; Richey, S; Freed, GL (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2014-03-03)
    OBJECTIVES: To test the effectiveness of messages designed to reduce vaccine misperceptions and increase vaccination rates for measles-mumps-rubella (MMR). METHODS: A Web-based nationally representative 2-wave survey ...
  • The effects of public funding on farmers' attitudes to diversification 

    Turner, Martin; Whitehead, Ian; Millard, Nick; Barr, Donald; Howe, Keith (Centre for Rural Policy Research, University of Exeter, 2006-02)
  • Electoral Competitiveness and Turnout in British Elections, 1964-2010 

    Vowles, Jack; Katz, Gabriel; Stevens, Daniel P. (Cambridge University Press, 2015-03-10)
    Analyzing the British Election Study from 1964 to 2010, we examine the influence of electoral context on turnout, focusing on the closeness of elections in terms of lagged seat and constituency-level winning margins. Using ...
  • Electoral System Change, Generations, Competitiveness and Turnout in New Zealand, 1963–2005 

    Vowles, Jack (Cambridge University Press, 2010-07-29)
    New Zealand’s recent elections have been held under a Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system, after nearly a century of single-member plurality (SMP) elections. This article addresses the effect on turnout in recent elections ...
  • An empirical examination of echo chambers in US climate policy networks 

    Jasny, L; Waggle, J; Fisher, DR (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-05-25)
    Diverse methods have been applied to understand why science continues to be debated within the climate policy domain. A number of studies have presented the notion of the ‘echo chamber’ to model and explain information ...
  • Encounters with Europe: concepts, definitions, and research design 

    Radaelli, Claudio M.; Pasquier, Romain (Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, 2006)
    This article examines the issues of research design raised by research on Europeanization. Specifically, we briefly introduce the basic concepts and the classic approach of integration theorists, and move on to discuss two ...
  • The ENP and EU-Maghreb relations 

    Fernandez-Molina, I (Routledge, 2017)
    The recipients of the southern dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) include a quite distinct grouping of countries, the Maghreb, which can be approached either as a full-fledged regional unit by itself ...
  • Environmental governance and rural public participation in China 

    Xie, L (Sage, 2016)
    This article investigates participatory environmental management in rural China. It first summarizes the extent, role and key drivers of public participation in environmental politics in China. It then investigates main ...
  • The environmental impact of climate change adaptation on land use and water quality 

    Fezzi, Carlo; Harwood, Amii R.; Lovett, Andrew A.; Bateman, Ian (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-02-25)
    Encouraging adaptation is an essential aspect of the policy response to climate change. Adaptation seeks to reduce the harmful consequences and harness any beneficial opportunities arising from the changing climate. However, ...
  • Epistemic Communities 

    Dunlop, Claire A. (Routledge, 2012-11-20)
    Peter M. Haas formulated the epistemic communities framework as a means of exploring the influence of knowledge-based experts in international policy-making. Specifically, the approach was designed to address decision-making ...
  • Epistemic Communities and Two Goals of Delegation: Hormone Growth Promoters in the European Union 

    Dunlop, Claire A. (Beech Tree Publishing, 2010-04-01)
    The delegation literature tells us that decision-makers delegate power to agents to achieve efficiency or credibility (or both). Critically, however, the successful delivery of each of these implies very different levels ...
  • Epistemic communities: a reply to Toke 

    Dunlop, Claire A. (Blackwell Publishing, 2000-09)
    This article contests the understanding of Peter M. Haas's 'epistemic communities' approach, forwarded by David Toke in his article in Politics of May 1999. It is argued that while Toke diagnoses the approach's failing ...
  • The ethics of New Development Economics: is the Experimental Approach to Development Economics morally wrong? 

    Baele, SJ (Rosetti International Publishing House, 2013-11-19)
    The 2000s have witnessed the arrival and growing popularity of randomized controlled experiments (RCTs) in Development Economics. Whilst this new way of conducting research on development has unfolded important insights, ...
  • The ethics of security research. An ethics framework for contemporary security studies 

    Baele, SJ; Hoeffler, A; Lewis, D; Slingeneyer, T; Sterck, O (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2017)
    This paper draws attention to the ethical issues accompanying empirical research on security, offering a framework for ethical assessment. Speaking to the various subfields and schools of applied security studies broadly ...
  • EU and EU Member States’ Responses to the Arab Spring 

    Fernandez-Molina, I (Edinburgh University Press, 2017-08)
  • European agriculture since World War II : technical change in south-west England, 1940-1985 

    Brassley, P; Winter, M; Harvey, D; Lobley, M; Butler, Allan (Glasgow University, 2012-04-11)
    The food shortages that beset individual European countries in 1945 had been transformed into surpluses that a common European agricultural policy struggled in vain to control by the 1980s. In the same period, the v olume ...
  • Europeanisation: solution or problem? 

    Radaelli, Claudio M. (ECSA-Austria, 2004-10-06)
    Is there something new in recent research on Europeanisation? Or should we go back to what we already know about political integration in Europe and avoid the term? This article reviews recent work in four steps: the ...
  • Evaluando tecnologías electorales nuevas en América Latina 

    Katz, Gabriel; Alvarez, RM; Pomares, J (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2012-12)