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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    19 January 2015"Implementing Democratic Equality in Political Parties. Organizational Consequences in the Swedish and the German Pirate Party"  Bolleyer, Nicole; Little, C; von Nostitz, FC
    1 February 2018'It's definitely a good time to be a farmer': Understanding the changing dynamics of successor creation in late modern society  Chiswell, H; Lobley, M
    10 September 2018A Little Justification Goes a Long Way: Audience Costs and the EU Referendum  Banducci, S; Katz, G; Thomson, C; et al.
    17 July 2019‘Lovely People but Utterly Deluded’? British Political Science’s Trouble with Corbynism  Maiguashca, BE; Dean, J
    23 May 2016A monster lurking in the shadows? One researcher’s crisis of representing class and gender  Allan, Alexandra
    25 May 2020A new approach to assess the normalization of differential rates of protest participation  Saunders, C; Shlomo, N
    1 January 2015A new chapter for PPA!  Baker, Keith; Dunlop, Claire A.; Ongaro, E
    1 October 2013A New Ecology of Democratic Representation? Eight Theoretical Issues  Castiglione, Dario; Warren, ME
    20 February 2020A new measure of the ‘democratic peace’: what country feeling thermometer data can teach us about the drivers of American and Western European foreign policy  Gries, P; Fox, A; Jing, Y; et al.
    2005"Off-line": the 2004 European parliamentary elections on television news in the enlarged Europe  Vreese, Claes H. de; Banducci, Susan A.; Semetko, Holli A.; et al.
    4 February 2013"Origins of Party Formation and New Party Success in Advanced Democracies"  Bolleyer, Nicole; Bytzek, E
    1 March 2012"The Partisan Usage of Parliamentary Salaries: Informal Party Practices Compared"  Bolleyer, Nicole
    7 April 2015A Recruitment Crisis in Agriculture? A Reply to Heike Fischer and Rob J.F. Burton's Understanding Farm Succession as Socially Constructed Endogenous Cycles  Chiswell, HM; Lobley, Matt
    26 November 2013'Refuse and the ‘risk society’: The political ecology of risk in inter-war Britain'  Cooper, Timothy; Bulmer, Sarah
    1 December 2018A Review of Jasbir Puar's "The Right to Maim" (and additional interjections)  Allouche, S
    25 January 2018“Right to the City” and the Structure of Civic Organizational Fields: Evidence from Cape Town  Diani, M; Ernstson, H; Jasny, L
    28 June 2006A scandalous proposal: ethical attractions of basic income  McKinnon, C
    1 January 2009A scientific review of the impact of UK ruminant livestock on greenhouse gas emissions  Hopkins, Alan; Lobley, Matt
    1 January 2017“The Sleeping Dragon Is Gathering Strength”: Causes of Sinophobia in Central Asia  Owen, C
    25 March 2019A Sleeping Giant Awakes? The Rise of the Institutional Grammar Tool (IGT) in Policy Research  Dunlop, CA; Kamkhaji, JC; Radaelli, CM