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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    29 May 2018Climate change communication from cities in the USA  Boussalis, C; Coan, TG; Holman, MR
    1 January 2014Climate change: against despair  McKinnon, C
    12 February 2019Climate displacement and resettlement: the importance of claims-making ‘from below’  Arnall, A; Hilson, C; McKinnon, C
    20 March 2015Climate justice in a carbon budget  McKinnon, C
    14 March 2019Climate justice in the endgame for 2 degrees  McKinnon, C
    20 May 2019Climate justice: integrating economics and philosophy  McKinnon, C
    30 November 2020Climate Policy in a Fragmented World - Transformative Governance Interactions at Multiple Levels  Jensen, A; Nielsen, HØ; Russel, D
    6 July 2017Collective intentionality, complex pluralism and the problem of anarchy  Prichard, A
    5 June 2017Combating Terrorism by Constraining Charities? Charity and counter-terrorism legislation before and after 9/11  Bolleyer, N; Gauja, A
    14 June 2017Combating Terrorism by Constraining Charities? Charity and Counterterrorism Legislation Before and After 9/11  Bolleyer, N; Gauja, A
    9 September 2021Commissioned Book Review: Brown R, Henri Tajfel: Explorer of Identity and Difference  Baele, S
    1 January 2008Committee governance and socialization in the European Union  Quaglia, Lucia; De Francesco, Fabrizio; Radaelli, Claudio M.
    24 March 2019Communicating climate mitigation and adaptation efforts in American cities  Boussalis, C; Coan, TG; Holman, MR
    1 January 2014Communicating the social sciences: A specific challenge?  Cassidy, A
    1 April 2017Communication, Negotiation, and Influence at International Climate Change Meetings and Summits  Wessler, H; Lück, J; Wozniak, A
    21 September 2015Community benefits or community bribes? An experimental analysis of strategies for managing community perceptions of bribery surrounding the siting of renewable energy projects  Walker, B; Russel, Duncan; Kurz, Tim
    17 January 2014Comparative determinants of horse-race coverage  Banducci, Susan A.; Hanretty, C
    5 February 2021Competitive Elections, Status Anxieties, and the Relative Strength of Ethnic versus National Identification in Africa  Gadjanova, E
    11 November 2016Conceptualising cultural ecosystem services: A novel framework for research and critical engagement  Fish, R; Church, A; Winter, M
    20 May 2020Conceptualising party-driven movements  Muldoon, J; Rye, D