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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 April 2015Displacing misinformation about events: An experimental test of causal corrections  Nyhan, B; Reifler, J
    11 February 2014Distributive Justice and the Problem of Friendship  Cordelli, C
    6 September 2017Diversify, specialise, reform, or co-operate: analysis of the strategic responses from natural resource management organisations living under the shadow of austerity  Kirsop-Taylor, NA
    1 January 2019Do All Parties Die “The Same”? Using Hierarchical Competing Risks Models for Cross-National Research on Party Mortality  Katz Wisel, G
    11 September 2019Do Democracies Possess the Wisdom of Crowds? Decision Group Size, Regime Type, and Strategic Effectiveness  Blagden, D
    15 October 2019Do gender regimes matter? Gender differences in involvement in anti-austerity protests - a comparison of Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom  Roth, S; Saunders, C
    10 September 2019Do you not see the reason for yourself? Political Withdrawal and the Experience of Epistemic Friction  Schaap, AW
    8 December 2014Does correcting myths about the flu vaccine work? An experimental evaluation of the effects of corrective information  Nyhan, B; Reifler, J
    20 March 2014Does performance information about public services affect citizens' perceptions, satisfaction, and voice behaviour? Field experiments with absolute and relative performance information  James, O; Moseley, A
    15 April 2018Does Policy Learning Meet the Standards of a Theory on the Policy Process?  Dunlop, CA; Radaelli, CM
    1 March 2016Does Religion Count for Religious Parliamentary Representation? Evidence from Early Day Motions  Kolpinskaya, Ekaterina
    11 March 2015Doing Experiments in Public Management Research: A Practical Guide  Baethge, C; Blom-Hansen, J; Esteve, M; et al.
    7 January 2019Domestic thermal upgrades, community action and energy saving: a three-year experimental study of prosperous households  Bardsley, N; Büchs, M; James, P; et al.
    2015De la contestation au pouvoir : Les ressorts de l’ascension électorale de Syriza  Rori, L