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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 July 2020Policy Coordination for National Climate Change Adaptation in Europe: All Process, but Little Power  Russel, D; Castellari, S; Capriolo, A; et al.
    2017Policy evaluation in Europe  Pattyn, Valérie; Van Voorst, Stijn; Mastenbroek, Ellen; et al.
    25 March 2019Policy Instruments, Policy Learning and Politics: Impact Assessment in the European Union  Dunlop, CA; Radaelli, CM
    11 February 2020Policy Learning  Dunlop, CA; Radaelli, CM
    29 November 2017Policy learning and organizational capacity  Pattyn, Valérie; van Voorst, Stijn; Mastenbroek, Ellen; et al.
    1 January 2017Policy Learning and Policy Failure: Definitions, Dimensions and Intersections (article)  Dunlop, CA
    15 January 2020Policy Learning and Policy Failure: Definitions, Dimensions and Intersections (chapter)  Dunlop, CA
    3 June 2020Policy learning in comparative policy analysis  Dunlop, CA; Radaelli, CM
    12 December 2015Policy Learning in the Eurozone Crisis: Modes, Power and Functionality  Dunlop, Claire A.; Radaelli, Claudio M.
    15 July 2009Policy Transfer as Learning – Capturing Variation in What Decision-Makers Learn from Epistemic Communities  Dunlop, Claire A.
    1 June 2009Policy transfer as learning – capturing variation in what decision-makers learn from epistemic communities  Dunlop, Claire A.
    1 December 2016Political actors: parties–interest groups–government  Bolleyer, N
    2011Political Communication as a factor of presidentialization of Greek political parties. The cases of ND and PASOK in the 2000-2009 political campaigns  Rori, L
    1 April 2008Political efficacy and participation in twenty-seven democracies: how electoral systems shape political behaviour  Karp, Jeffrey A.; Banducci, Susan A.
    21 March 2018Political Party Mortality in Established Party Systems: A Hierarchical Competing Risks Approach  Bolleyer, N; Correa Vila, P; Katz, G
    23 August 2018Political philosophy and the nature of expertise  Lamb, R
    9 July 2020Political Speech in Religious Sermons  Boussalis, C; Coan, TG; Holman, MR
    2 August 2018Politics, Policy, and the UK Impact Agenda: The Promise and Pitfalls of Academic Engagement with Government  Blagden, DW
    1 April 2005Popular evolutionary psychology in the UK: an unusual case of science in the media?  Cassidy, A
    15 August 2018Populism in the 21st century: From the Fringe to the Mainstream  Herman, L; Muldoon, JM