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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 August 2016Reputation and Accountability Relationships: Managing Accountability Expectations through Reputation  Busuioc, E; Lodge, M
    16 April 2015Reputation Management through Organizational Policy Capacity: Learning to Communicate with Citizens on UK Health and Safety  Dunlop, Claire A.
    17 March 2021Reputation on the (green) line: revisiting the ‘Plaza moment’ in United Nations peacekeeping practice, 1964–1966  Tudor, M
    30 May 2018Reputation, Concessions, and Territorial Civil War: Do Ethnic Dominoes Fall, or Don’t They?  Bormann, N; Savun, B
    2002Research and knowledge transfer, 2002. A South West perspective on the report of the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food  Winter, Michael
    1 August 2020Researching COVID-19: A research agenda for public policy and administration scholars  Dunlop, CA; Ongaro, E; Baker, K
    2 June 2020Reservists and Veterans: Viewed from Within and Without  Griffith, J; Connelly, V; Catignani, S; et al.
    8 April 2020Resisting Abusive Legalism: Electoral Fairness and the Partisan Commitment to Political Pluralism  Herman, LE; Muirhead, R
    25 September 2019Resisting the ‘populist hype’: a feminist critique of a globalising concept  Maiguashca, BE
    16 December 2014Resolving issues with environmental impact assessment of marine renewable energy installations  Maclean, IM; Inger, R; Booth, CG; et al.
    13 November 2019Response to Stephanie McNulty’s review of The State and Civil Society: Regulating Interest Groups, Parties, and Public Benefit Organizations in Contemporary Democracies  Bolleyer, N
    15 June 2020Return to Kabul? Russian Policy in Afghanistan  Lewis, DG
    1 February 2015Review of : On politics, a new history of political philosophy, by Alan Ryan, 2 vols., London: Allen Lane, 2013  Hampsher-Monk, Iain
    2012Review of Philosophic pride: stoicism and political thought from Lipsius to Rousseau (Princeton: 2012) by Christopher Brooke.  Carroll, RE
    8 October 2018Review: Wenfang Tang, Populist Authoritarianism: Chinese Political Culture and Regime Sustainability  Owen, CAM
    1 January 2014Revisiting Burke's Critique of Enthusiasm  Carroll, Ross
    10 October 2016Ridicule, Censorship, and the Regulation of Public Speech: The Case of Shaftesbury  Carroll, RE
    1 January 2012Risk communication and participatory research: ‘Fuzzy felt’, visual games and group discussion of complex issues  Cassidy, A; Maule, J
    2015Rulemaking and its constitutional consequences: EU and USA compared  Radaelli, Claudio M.; Meuwese, ACM
    18 April 2018Rural policy, rural quangos - searching for clarity in West Dorset, south west England  Morris, Gordon