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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    11 February 2016“As long as you’re easy on the eye”: Reflecting on issues of positionality and researcher safety during farmer interviews  Wheeler, Rebecca; Chiswell, Hannah Marie
    28 April 2014"Balancing Integration and Flexibility in the European Union: Constitutional Dispositions and Dynamics of Coordination"  Bolleyer, Nicole; Boerzel, TA
    25 September 2020A behavioural model of heuristics and biases in frontline policy implementation  Moseley, A; Thomann, E
    4 July 2015'Big science' in the field: experimenting with badgers and bovine TB, 1995-2015  Cassidy, A
    1 October 2005'Born out of crisis': an analysis of moorland management agreements on Exmoor  Lobley, Matt; Turner, Martin; MacQueen, Greg; et al.
    2009“Born out of crisis”: assessing the legacy of the Exmoor moorland management agreements.  Lobley, Matt; Winter, Michael
    1 March 2021A bottom up approach to slowing fashion: tailored solutions for consumers  West, J; Saunders, C; Willett, J
    5 May 2014"Constitutional Dynamics and Partisan Conflict: A Comparative Assessment of Multi-level Systems in Europe"  Bolleyer, Nicole; Swenden, W; McEwen, N
    25 May 2017A demoicratic justification of differentiated integration in a heterogeneous EU  Bellamy, R; Kröger, S
    22 June 2020A digital media literacy intervention increases discernment between mainstream and false news in the United States and India  Guess, AM; Lerner, M; Lyons, B; et al.
    1 March 2019(Dis)-Intersecting Intersectionality in the Time of Queer Syrian-Refugee-ness in Lebanon  Allouche, S
    14 June 2018‘Donate your organs, donate life!’ Explicitness in policy instruments  Thomann, E
    14 January 2020“Fake news” may have limited effects beyond increasing beliefs in false claims  Guess, AM; Lockett, D; Lyons, B; et al.
    7 August 2020"Filthy Lapdogs", "Jerks", and "Hitler": Making Sense of Insults in International Relations  Rousseau, E; Baele, SJ
    18 August 2012"Fox tots attack shock": Urban foxes, mass media and boundary-breaching  Cassidy, A; Mills, B
    15 November 2016A General Model of Abstention under Compulsory Voting  Katz Wisel, G; Levin, I
    15 November 2016A general model of abstention under compulsory voting  Katz, Gabriel; Levin, Ines
    10 December 2018"The good guys are doing it anyway": the accommodation of environmental concern among English and Welsh farmers  Wheeler, RM; Morris, C; Lobley, M; et al.
    2009“Habitat is just another crop”: Training and advice for agri-environmental management  Lobley, M; Saratsi, E; Winter, M
    23 January 2015“Illiberal Spaces:” Uzbekistan's extraterritorial security practices and the spatial politics of contemporary authoritarianism  Lewis, D