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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 October 2015Identifying and explaining framing strategies of low carbon lifestyle movement organisations  Büchs, M; Saunders, C; Wallbridge, R; et al.
    11 November 2015Identifying context and cause in small-N settings: A Comparative Multilevel Analysis  Thomann, E; Manatschal, A
    20 November 2017If Evaluation is the Solution, What is the Problem?  Dunlop, CA; Radaelli, CM
    15 June 2021Ignoring the messenger? Limits of populist rhetoric on public support for foreign development aid  Bayram, AB; Thomson, CP
    23 April 2018Illiberal Peace? Authoritarian modes of conflict management  Lewis, DG; Heathershaw, J; Megoran, N
    1 March 2006Impact assessment in the EU: the state of the art and the art of the state by Andrea Renda  Dunlop, Claire A.
    1 December 2003Impact assessment in the European Union: innovations, quality, and good regulatory governance. Conference background report  Radaelli, Claudio M.
    1 March 2015Impact Assessment in the European Union: Lessons from a Research Project  Dunlop, Claire A.; Radaelli, Claudio M.
    1 June 2021Implementation Failures as Learning Pathologies  Dunlop, CA
    15 January 2020Implementing the Water Framework Directive and Tackling Diffuse Pollution from Agriculture: Lessons from England and Scotland  De Vito, L; Fairbrother, M; Russel, D
    1 November 2014In the streets with a degree: How political generations, educational attainment and student status affect engagement in protest politics  Olcese, C; Saunders, Clare; Tzavidas, N
    29 November 2012Increased output in UK agriculture 1935-85: using Farm Management Survey data from south-west England to explore processes  Brassley, P; Butler, Allan; Harvey, D; et al.
    9 April 2015Incredibly Good Performance: An Experimental Study of Source and Level Effects on the Credibility of Government  James, O; Van Ryzin, GG
    1 December 2004Indicators of regulatory quality: final report  Radaelli, Claudio M.; De Francesco, Fabrizio
    5 April 2016Induction and Deduction in International Relations: Squaring the Circle between Theory and Evidence  Blagden, D
    15 May 2020Inequality, Loneliness and Political Appearance: Picturing Radical Democracy with Hannah Arendt and Jacques Rancière  Schaap, A
    1 September 2013Insiders, thresholders and outsiders in West European global justice networks: Network positions and modes of coordination  Saunders, Clare
    1 December 2007Institution-driven competition: the regulation of cross-border broadcasting in the EU  Harcourt, Alison
    23 October 2019Institutional and symbolic aspects of illiberal politics: the case of North Macedonia (2006–2017)  Gjuzelov, B; Hadjievska, MI
    1 August 2014Institutional barriers to climate change adaptation in decentralised governance structures: Transport planning in England  Walker, B; Adger, W. Neil; Russel, Duncan