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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    11 April 2018Mainstreaming the environment through appraisal: integrative governance or logics of disintegration?  Russel, D; Turnpenny, J; Jordan, A
    20 April 2020Maintaining registration and tax benefits: Consequences for professionalisation of voluntary membership organisations in Norway and the UK  Ivanovska Hadjievska, M; Stavenes, T
    26 March 2014Majone's Cathedral  Radaelli, CM
    1 June 2012Making land available for woodland creation  Lobley, MN; Winter, H; Millard, N; et al.
    3 November 2016Making space for cultural ecosystem services: Insights from a study of the UK nature improvement initiative  Fish, R; Church, A; Willis, C; et al.
    14 July 2017Managing the future of the past: images of Exmoor landscape heritage  Wilkinson, TJ; Harvey, DC
    9 April 2019Mandates matter: how decisive victories enhance expectations about government performance  Kolpinskaya, E; Katz, G; Banducci, S; et al.
    2016Manipulated vs. measured: Using an experimental benchmark to investigate the performance of self-reported media exposure  Jerit, Jennifer; Barabas, Jason; Pollock, William; et al.
    18 May 2018Mapping the European far right in the 21st century: A meso-level analysis  Georgiadou, V; Rori, L; Roumanias, C
    22 April 2020Marketisation Reforms and Coproduction: Does Ownership of Service Delivery Structures and Customer Language Matter?  James, O; Jilke, S
    1 October 2016Measuring and modeling Russian newspaper coverage of climate change  Boussalis, Constantine; Coan, Travis G.; Poberezhskaya, Marianna
    20 July 2021Measuring Design Diversity: A New Application of Ostrom’s Rule Types  Dunlop, CA; Kamkhaji, JC; Radaelli, CM; et al.
    1 May 2012Media content analysis, May 2011. News Media Coverage and Information in Combined Elections (dataset)  Banducci, Susan A.; Stevens, Daniel P.
    27 August 2015Migrant Political Participation and Voting Behavior in Romania  Burean, T; Popp, R
    27 May 2020Migration diplomacy in a de facto destination country: Morocco’s new intermestic migration policy and international socialization by/with the EU  Fernandez-Molina, I; Hernando de Larramendi, M
    26 February 2018Mind the Gap: Comparing Foreign Policy Attitudes of Security Elites and the General Public the UK, Whitehall Report.  Thomson, CP
    5 July 2014Mining memories in a rural community: Landscape, temporality and place identity  Wheeler, R
    25 July 2017Mobilizing Citizens for Costly Policies: The Conditional Effect of Party Cues on Support for International Bailouts in the European Union  Stoeckel, F; Kuhn, Theresa
    14 November 2012Modeling Electoral Coordination: Voters, Parties and Legislative Lists in Uruguay  Katz, Gabriel; Levin, I
    21 March 2018Modelling for a Living: Two-level Games and Rhetorical Action in the Foreign Debt Negotiations of Post-revolutionary Tunisia  Fernandez-Molina, I