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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    29 October 2014War and Elections  Stevens, Daniel P.
    31 October 2016War and State Making at the End of Empire: Ottoman Collapse and the Formation of the Balkan States  Mulaj, K
    19 March 2018War is Where the Hearth is: Gendered Labour and the Everyday Reproduction of the Geopolitical in the Army Reserves  Basham, V; Catignani, S
    30 January 2014War on Terror: The Escalation to Extremes  Lucas, S
    1 January 2009Was William Godwin a Utilitarian?  Lamb, Robert
    11 May 2012Watching the Detectives: Explaining Regulators’ Roles in the Integration of Sustainable Development in UK Public Services  Dunlop, Claire A.; Russel, Duncan
    14 September 2017We Spend How Much? Misperceptions, Innumeracy, and Support for the Foreign Aid in the United States and Great Britain  Scotto, TJ; Reifler, J; Hudson, D; et al.
    1 February 2015Western Media as 'Technology of Affect': The Affective Making of the Angry Arab Man  Allouche, S
    16 December 2019Western Sahara as a Hybrid of a Parastate and a State-in-exile: (Extra)territoriality and the Small Print of Sovereignty in a Context of Frozen Conflict  Fernandez-Molina, I; Ojeda-García, R
    12 September 2019Western Sahara: subtleties and multiple sources of recognition for a hybrid of a state-in-exile and a de facto state  Fernandez-Molina, I; Porges, M
    25 August 2018What agricultural practices are most likely to deliver ‘sustainable intensification’ in the UK?  Dicks, LV; Rose, DC; Ang, F; et al.
    2 September 2010What can the absence of anarchism tell us about the history and purpose of IR theory?  Prichard, Alex
    18 January 2018What did I leave out? Omitted variables in regression and qualitative comparative analysis  Radaelli, CM; Wagemann, C
    1 February 2017What do Academic Metrics do to Political Scientists? Theorizing their Roots, Locating their Effects  Baele, SJ; bettiza, G
    9 March 2018What do campaign contributions buy? Lobbyists' strategic giving  McKay, AM
    20 August 2020What do they talk about when they talk about Europe? Euro-ambivalence in far right ideology  Lorimer, M
    19 February 2016What does it take for Congress to enact good policies? Policy-specific information and roll-call voting in the U.S. Congress  Iaryczower, Matias; Katz, Gabriel
    1 January 2005What does regulatory impact assessment mean in Europe?  Radaelli, Claudio M.
    23 October 2017What Does the “Terrorist” Label Really Do? Measuring and Explaining the Effects of the “Terrorist” and “Islamist” Categories  Baele, SJ; Sterck, O; Slingeneyer, T; et al.
    14 March 2017What explains agency heads' length of tenure? Testing managerial background, performance, and political environment effects for different forms of exit  Petrovsky, N; James, O; Moseley, A; et al.