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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    30 April 2021Behavioural governance in the policy process: introduction to the special issue  Gofen, A; Moseley, A; Thomann, E; et al.
    25 September 2020A behavioural model of heuristics and biases in frontline policy implementation  Moseley, A; Thomann, E
    8 October 2014Confronting theories of European integration: A comparative congruence analysis of veterinary drugs regulations in five countries  Sager, F; Thomann, E; Zollinger, C; et al.
    2 October 2015Customizing Europe: transposition as bottom-up implementation  Thomann, E
    3 October 2017Designing Research with Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): Approaches, Challenges, Tools  Thomann, E; Maggetti, M
    14 June 2018‘Donate your organs, donate life!’ Explicitness in policy instruments  Thomann, E
    24 October 2018EU Referendums in Context: What can we learn from the Swiss Case?  Heidbreder, E; Thomann, E; Stadelmann-Steffen, I; et al.
    10 October 2019Fixing Federal Faults. Complementary Member State Policies in Swiss Health Care Policy  Sager, F; Rüefli, C; Thomann, E
    28 February 2018Food Safety Policy: Transnational, Hybrid, Wicked  Thomann, E
    11 November 2015Identifying context and cause in small-N settings: A Comparative Multilevel Analysis  Thomann, E; Manatschal, A
    29 March 2019Integration, functional differentiation and problem-solving in multilevel governance  Trein, P; Thomann, E; Maggetti, M
    19 September 2014Is output performance all about the resources? A fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis of street-level bureaucrats in Switzerland  Thomann, E
    24 March 2020Linking throughput and output legitimacy in Swiss forest policy implementation  Lieberherr, E; Thomann, E
    2 August 2017Moving beyond (non-)compliance: the customization of European Union policies in 27 countries  Thomann, E; Zhelyazkova, A
    1 August 2017Moving beyond legal compliance: Innovative approaches to EU multilevel implementation  Thomann, E; Sager, F
    12 July 2016Multiple streams in member state implementation: politics, problem construction and policy paths in Swiss asylum policy  Sager, F; Thomann, E
    3 July 2018The necessity of discretion: A behavioral evaluation of bottom-up implementation theory  Thomann, E; van Engen, N; Tummers, LG
    2017The Notions of Regulation and Self-Regulation in Political Science  Thomann, E
    2 March 2016The politics of external approval: explaining the IMF’s evaluation of austerity programs  Hinterleitner, M; Sager, F; Thomann, E
    6 June 2017Serving Many Masters: Public Accountability in Private Policy Implementation  Thomann, E; Hupe, P; Sager, F