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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 November 2013Asking About What is Better: Intersex, Disability and Inaugurated Eschatology  Cornwall, Susannah
    2013British Intersex Christians' Accounts of Intersex Identity, Christian Identity and Church Experience  Cornwall, Susannah
    2012Contextual Bible Study: Characteristics and Challenges  Cornwall, Susannah
    1 September 2014Editorial: Embodied Ministry: Gender, Sexuality and Formation  Cornwall, Susannah; Prendergast, Martin
    1 May 2015Identity and Formation in Theological Education: The Occasion of Intersex  Cornwall, Susannah
    1 January 2008The Kenosis of Unambiguous Sex in the Body of Christ: Intersex, Theology, and Existing ‘for the Other’  Cornwall, Susannah
    1 April 2010Ratum et Consummatum: Refiguring Non-Penetrative Sexual Activity Theologically in Light of Intersex Conditions  Cornwall, Susannah
    1 October 2011Readings from the Road: Contextual Bible Study with a Group of Homeless and Vulnerably-Housed People  Cornwall, Susannah; Nixon, David
    1 May 2012Recognizing the Full Spectrum of Gender? Transgender, Intersex and the Futures of Feminist Theology  Cornwall, Susannah
    1 July 2014Sex Otherwise: Intersex, Christology and the Maleness of Jesus  Cornwall, Susannah
    18 February 2016“Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Wall”: Queer Theologies and Reparative Readings  Cornwall, Susannah
    1 September 2009‘State of Mind’ versus ‘Concrete Set of Facts’: The Contrasting of Transgender and Intersex in Church Documents on Sexuality  Cornwall, Susannah
    1 January 2014Telling Stories About intersex and Christianity: Saying Too Much or Not Saying Enough?  Cornwall, Susannah
    2010Wild Rice and Queer Dissent: Wrestling With God in Genesis 32:22-32  Cornwall, Susannah