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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 May 2015The Christian Church Facing Itself and Facing the World: An Ecumenical Overview of Modern Christian Ecclesiology  Gallaher, BDF
    1 June 2017Creativity, Covenant and Christ  Gallaher, BDF
    25 April 2014Fr Sergius Bulgakov  Gallaher, BDF
    1 November 2016Georges Florovsky  Gallaher, BDF
    30 December 2017A Helper of Providence: "Justified Providential War" in Vladimir Solov'ev '  Gallaher, BDF
    1 May 2017The Orthodox Moment: The Holy and Great Council in Crete and Orthodoxy's Encounter with the West: On Learning to Love the Church  Gallaher, BDF
    1 April 2018Orthodoxy and the West - The Problem of Orthodox Self-Criticism in Christos Yannaras  Gallaher, BDF
    5 October 2017Painting Time: A Meditation on Fr Martin Lam Nguyen C.S.C.’s "Moments"  Gallaher, BDF
    25 February 2020Pneumatology  Gallaher, BDF
    8 April 2016Review of Pantelis Kalaitzidis, Orthodoxy and Political Theology (Geneva: WCC Pub., 2012)  Gallaher, BDF
    5 November 2019A Secularism of the Royal Doors: Towards an Eastern Orthodox Christian Theology of Secularism  Gallaher, BDF
    1 February 2016"A Supertemporal Continuum": Christocentric Trinity and the Dialectical Reenvisioning of Divine Freedom in Bulgakov and Barth  Gallaher, BDF
    1 June 2018Tangling with Orthodox Tradition in the Modern West: Natural Law, Homosexuality, and Living Tradition  Gallaher, BDF
    1 August 2018'Taste and see that the Lord is good’ (Ps. 34:8): The Continuity and Transformation of the Spiritual Senses Tradition  Gallaher, BDF