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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 August 2008Appeals to the Bible in ecotheology and environmental ethics: a typology of hermeneutical stances  Horrell, David G.; Hunt, Cherryl; Southgate, Christopher
    1 August 2002"Becoming Christian": solidifying Christian identity and content  Horrell, David G.
    2007Between conformity and resistance: beyond the Balch-Elliott debate towards a postcolonial reading of 1 Peter  Horrell, David G.
    2007The Catholic Epistles and Hebrews  Horrell, David G.
    20 January 2016Christology, eschatology and the politics of time in 1 Peter  Horrell, David G.; Wan, Wei Hsien
    2008Disciplining performance and 'placing' the church: widows, elders and slaves in the household of God (1 Tim 5.1-6.2)  Horrell, David G.
    1 July 2004Domestic space and Christian meetings at Corinth: imagining new contexts and the buildings east of the theatre  Horrell, David G.
    1 August 2000Early Jewish Christianity  Horrell, David G.
    1 May 2009The Ecological Challenge to Biblical Studies  Horrell, David G.
    1 November 2014Ecological Hermeneutics: Reflections on Methods and Prospects for the Future  Horrell, David G.
    2014Engaging the Bible in GCSE and A level Religious Studies: Environmental stewardship as a test case  Horrell, David G.; Davis, Anna
    1 October 2008An environmental mantra? Ecological interest in Romans 8.19-23 and a modest proposal for its narrative interpretation  Hunt, Cherryl; Horrell, David G.; Southgate, Christopher
    27 May 2016Ethnicisation, marriage, and early Christian identity: critical reflections on 1 Corinthians 7, 1 Peter 3, and modern New Testament scholarship  Horrell, David G.
    1 September 2005Familiar friend or alien stranger? On translating the Bible  Horrell, David G.
    1 October 2015Fear, hope, and doing good: wives as a paradigm of mission in 1 Peter  Horrell, David G.
    2001From άδελϕοί to οἰ̑κος θεου̑: social transformation in Pauline Christianity  Horrell, David G.
    1 January 2010The Green Bible: A Timely Idea Deeply Flawed  Horrell, David G.
    2007Idol-food, idolatry and ethics in Paul  Horrell, David G.
    18 December 2014Jesus Remembered in 1 Peter? Early Jesus Traditions, Isaiah 53, and 1 Pet 2.21-25  Horrell, David G.
    2007The label Xristianos: 1 Peter 4.16 and the formation of Christian identity  Horrell, David G.