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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 May 2006Action and/or contemplation? Allegory and liturgy in the reception of Luke 10:38-42  Grumett, David
    1 September 2000After counting: the church in English social life  Higton, Mike
    6 June 2017‘Anglicanism in a Bottle?’ Theological Implications of Sexualities Education for Anglican Ordinands  Cornwall, SM; Nixon, DJ
    1 August 2008Appeals to the Bible in ecotheology and environmental ethics: a typology of hermeneutical stances  Horrell, David G.; Hunt, Cherryl; Southgate, Christopher
    13 November 2013Asking About What is Better: Intersex, Disability and Inaugurated Eschatology  Cornwall, Susannah
    1 June 2006A better life through information technology? The techno-theological eschatology of posthuman speculative science  DeLashmutt, Michael
    2013British Intersex Christians' Accounts of Intersex Identity, Christian Identity and Church Experience  Cornwall, Susannah
    20 January 2016Christology, eschatology and the politics of time in 1 Peter  Horrell, David G.; Wan, Wei Hsien
    2012Contextual Bible Study: Characteristics and Challenges  Cornwall, Susannah
    11 March 2019Conversations in context: cross-cultural (grassroots) biblical interpretation groups challenging Western-centric (professional) biblical interpretation  John, H
    2018Cultural Imperialism at the Borders of Empire: The Case of the “Villa of the Amazons” in Edessa  Loosley, E
    2012Demons, evil and liminality in Cappadocian theology  Ludlow, Morwenna
    18 November 2014Divine Glory in a Darwinian World  Southgate, Christopher
    1 July 2004Domestic space and Christian meetings at Corinth: imagining new contexts and the buildings east of the theatre  Horrell, David G.
    1 May 2009The Ecological Challenge to Biblical Studies  Horrell, David G.
    1 November 2014Ecological Hermeneutics: Reflections on Methods and Prospects for the Future  Horrell, David G.
    3 June 2019Education and pleasure in the early church: perspectives from East and West  Ludlow, MA; Lunn-Rockliffe, S
    23 June 2017Elie Wiesel and the Biblical Archetypes of the Contemporary Middle East  Tollerton, DC
    4 December 2014Empirical demonstration of environmental sensing in catalytic RNA: evolution of interpretive behavior at the origins of life  Lehman, N; Bernhard, T; Larson, BC; et al.
    2014Engaging the Bible in GCSE and A level Religious Studies: Environmental stewardship as a test case  Horrell, David G.; Davis, Anna