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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 September 2014Are religions prejudiced? Religion and disability  Cornwall, SM
    1 August 2002"Becoming Christian": solidifying Christian identity and content  Horrell, David G.
    2007Between conformity and resistance: beyond the Balch-Elliott debate towards a postcolonial reading of 1 Peter  Horrell, David G.
    2007The Catholic Epistles and Hebrews  Horrell, David G.
    2014Contra Eunomium III 10 – who is Eunomius?  Ludlow, Morwenna
    2008Disciplining performance and 'placing' the church: widows, elders and slaves in the household of God (1 Tim 5.1-6.2)  Horrell, David G.
    1 August 2000Early Jewish Christianity  Horrell, David G.
    2017Emotions of Protest in Mark 11−13: Responding to an Affective Turn in Social-Scientific Discourse  Lawrence, LJ
    15 June 2017Eschatological anarchism: eschatology and politics in contemporary Greek theology  Gallaher, BDF
    1 May 2016Evil and the Body of Antiochus IV Epiphanes: Disability, Disgust and Tropes of Monstrosity in 2 Maccabees 9:1−12  Lawrence, LJ
    28 February 2016Faithfulness to Our Sexuate Bodies: The Vocations of Generativity and Sex  Cornwall, SM
    25 April 2014Fr Sergius Bulgakov  Gallaher, BDF
    1 August 2012From a Remote Rural Village in Limpopo’: Colonized Bodies, Hybrid Sex and Postcolonial Theology  Cornwall, SM
    2004The fulfilment of history in Barth, Frei, Auerbach and Dante  Higton, Mike
    15 November 2018Grace, race and the people of God  Horrell, DG
    30 December 2017A Helper of Providence: "Justified Providential War" in Vladimir Solov'ev '  Gallaher, BDF
    2007Idol-food, idolatry and ethics in Paul  Horrell, David G.
    2004Introduction: Barth as conversationalist  Higton, Mike; McDowell, John C.
    1 September 2015Introduction: Troubling Bodies?  Cornwall, SM
    18 December 2014Jesus Remembered in 1 Peter? Early Jesus Traditions, Isaiah 53, and 1 Pet 2.21-25  Horrell, David G.