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  • God, pilgrimage, and acknowledgement of place 

    Wynn, Mark (Cambridge University Press, 2007-06)
    The paper seeks to address three objections to pilgrimage practices – they are tied to superstitious beliefs (except where they are seen as simply an aid to the imagination), imply a crude experiential or emotional ...
  • Representing the gods: the role of art and feeling 

    Wynn, Mark (Cambridge University Press, 2000-09)
    This paper argues that we can fruitfully consider some central issues in philosophy of religion through the lens provided by the literature in aesthetics. Specifically, I argue that Mikel Dufrenne’s theory of representation ...
  • A response to Cordry on design 

    Wynn, Mark (Cambridge University Press, 2006-09)
    In his paper ‘Theism and the philosophy of nature’, Ben Cordry argues that theism's conception of nature has been falsified. In this response, I argue that the universe in many ways conforms to theistic expectations, and ...