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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 September 2006The 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine  Pappé, I
    1 March 2017The Archaeology of Islamisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative Study  Insoll, T
    3 August 2011The composition and origin of Ghana medicine clays  van Dongen, BE; Fraser, SE; Insoll, T
    6 June 2016The Day After: What to Expect in Post-Islamic State Mosul  Abdulrazaq, T; Stansfield, GRV
    18 January 2017The Destruction of the Islamic State of Being, Its Replacement in the Being of the State: Algeria 1830-47  Gallois, WRE
    2010The Dhow's last redoubt? Vestiges of wooden boatbuilding traditions in Yemen  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Jansen van Rensburg, J; et al.
    2 September 2016The Enemy Within: ISIS and the Conquest of Mosul  Abdulrazaq, T; Stansfield, GRV
    27 October 2014The Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia: Towards a Chronology of Settlement  Cooper, John P.; Zazzaro, Chiara
    2019The First Intifada, Settler Colonialism and Contemporary Prospects for Collective Resistance  Naser-Najjab, N; Khatib, G
    1 October 2016The Gendering of Victimhood: Western Media and the Sinjar Genocide  Buffon, Veronica; Allison, Christine
    1 November 2015The Gulf Monarchies and Iran: Between Confrontation and Geostrategic Realities  Valeri, M
    31 January 2016The Hikayat Abu Al-qasim A Literary Banquet  Selove, E
    14 March 2016The Hindu community in Muscat: making homes in the diaspora  Mehta, Sandhya Rao; Onley, James
    1 May 2018The intra-GCC crises: mapping GCC fragmentation after 2011  Bianco, C; Stansfield, GRV
    16 October 2014The Islamic State, the Kurdistan Region, and the Future of Iraq: An Assessment of UK Policy Options  Stansfield, Gareth
    12 April 2018The lexical violence of imperial culture  Gallois, W
    1 February 2017The Lure of Jihad  Gallois, W
    10 July 2018The making of a Marjaʿ: Sīstānī and Shiʿi religious authority in the contemporary age  Rizvi, SH
    2014The maritime heritage of Yemen: a focus on traditional wooden "dhows"  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Zazzaro, C
    2 July 2016The national body in Israel and Syria: comparing processes of unity and fragmentation  Hoffmann, S; Natanel, K