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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    15 July 2015Boat and ship engravings at Al Zubarah, Qatar: the dāw exposed?  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Collie, T; et al.
    2010The Dhow's last redoubt? Vestiges of wooden boatbuilding traditions in Yemen  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Jansen van Rensburg, J; et al.
    2014The maritime heritage of Yemen: a focus on traditional wooden "dhows"  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Zazzaro, C
    11 September 2017Red Sea Folk Beliefs: A Maritime Spirit Landscape  Agius, DA
    22 June 2016Remembering the sea: Personal and communal recollections of maritime life in Jizan and the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia  Agius, DA; Cooper, JP; Semaan, L; et al.
    1 January 2017Sea zones: The Balkhi School's conceptual mapping of the Indian Ocean  Agius, DA
    5 December 2016Star use by fishermen in Oman  Nash, H; Agius, DA; Al-Mahrooqi, A; et al.