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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 June 2016Patterns of species range evolution in Indo-Pacific reef assemblages reveal the Coral Triangle as a net source of transoceanic diversity.  Evans, SM; McKenna, C; Simpson, SD; et al.
    15 September 2008PCR-based detection of Plasmodium in Anopheles mosquitoes: a comparison of a new high-throughput assay with existing methods.  Bass, C; Nikou, D; Blagborough, AM; et al.
    1 September 2001PDE1 Encodes a P-Type ATPase Involved in Appressorium-Mediated Plant Infection by the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe grisea  Balhadère, Pascale V.; Talbot, Nicholas J.
    2012Pdl1 is a putative lipase that enhances Photorhabdus toxin complex secretion  Yang, G; Hernández-Rodríguez, CS; Beeton, ML; et al.
    7 November 2016Peacock flies  Archer, CR; Hosken, DJ
    15 March 2017Pedigree-based inbreeding coefficient explains more variation in fitness than heterozygosity at 160 microsatellites in a wild bird population.  Nietlisbach, P; Keller, LF; Camenisch, G; et al.
    5 November 2018Penis evolution across species: divergence and diversity  Hosken, DJ; Archer, R; House, C; et al.
    2012Performance of proximity loggers in recording intra- and inter-species interactions: a laboratory and field-based validation study  Drewe, JA; Weber, N; Carter, SP; et al.
    12 August 2020Perils and pitfalls of mixed-effects regression models in biology  Silk, MJ; Harrison, XA; Hodgson, DJ
    29 April 2011Permanent draft genome sequence of Vibrio tubiashii strain NCIMB 1337 (ATCC19106).  Temperton, B; Thomas, S; Tait, K; et al.
    2 May 2017Peroxisomal ACBD4 interacts with VAPB and promotes ER-peroxisome associations  Costello, J; Castro, I; Schrader, TA; et al.
    5 September 2017Peroxisome Motility Measurement and Quantification Assay  Metz, J; Castro, I; Schrader, M
    17 February 2015Peroxisome-mitochondria interplay and disease  Schrader, M; Costello, J; Godinho, Luis F.; et al.
    1 December 2006Peroxisomes and disease - an overview.  Delille, HK; Bonekamp, NA; Schrader, M
    2016Peroxisomes are platforms for cytomegalovirus’ evasion from the cellular immune response  Magalhães, AC; Ferreira, AR; Gomes, S; et al.
    7 December 2015Peroxisomes, lipid droplets, and endoplasmic reticulum "hitchhike" on motile early endosomes  Guimaraes, SC; Schuster, M; Bielska, E; et al.
    13 July 2019Persistent contaminants as potential constraints on the recovery of urban river food webs from gross pollution  Windsor, FM; Pereira, MG; Tyler, CR; et al.
    24 October 2018Personalised ecology  Gaston, KJ; Soga, M; Duffy, JP; et al.
    11 March 2014Personality predicts the propensity for social learning in a wild primate.  Carter, Alecia J.; Marshall, Harry H.; Heinsohn, R; et al.
    3 June 2019Perspectives of ammunition users on the use of lead ammunition and its potential impacts on wildlife and humans  Newth, JL; Lawrence, A; Cromie, RL; et al.