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    13 September 2016Seasonal changes in neophobia and its consistency in rooks: the effect of novelty type and dominance position  Greggor, AL; Jolles, JW; Thornton, JAN; et al.
    22 December 2017Seasonal shifts in foraging distribution due to individual flexibility in a tropical pelagic forager, the Ascension frigatebird  Oppel, S; Weber, S; Weber, N; et al.
    1 May 2018Seasonality of Oithona similis and Calanus helgolandicus reproduction and abundance: Contrasting responses to environmental variation at a shelf site  Cornwell, LE; Findlay, HS; Fileman, ES; et al.
    29 April 2016Secreted Frizzled-related Protein 2 (sFRP2) Redirects Non-canonical Wnt Signaling from Fz7 to Ror2 during Vertebrate Gastrulation  Brinkmann, E-M; Mattes, B; Kumar, R; et al.
    29 November 2014Seed bank dynamics govern persistence of Brassica hybrids in crop and natural habitats  Hooftman, DAP; Bullock, JM; Morley, K; et al.
    31 May 2016Seeing is believing: cell biology at the plant-microbe interface  Deeks, M; Sánchez-Rodríguez, C
    30 April 2014Seeing the woods for the trees--when is microclimate important in species distribution models?  Bennie, Jonathan; Wilson, RJ; MacLean, IM; et al.
    19 October 2020Seeing through the static: the temporal dimension of plant–animal mutualistic interactions  CaraDonna, PJ; Burkle, LA; Schwarz, B; et al.
    22 November 2016Seismic surveys and marine turtles: An underestimated global threat?  Nelms, SE; Piniak, WED; Weir, CR; et al.
    5 August 2019Selection for antimicrobial resistance is reduced when embedded in a natural microbial community  Klumper, U; Recker, M; Zhang, L; et al.
    12 August 2020Selection for divergent reproductive investment affects neuron size and foliation in the cerebellum  EL-Andari, R; Cunha, F; Tschirren, B; et al.
    4 July 2020Selection on age of female reproduction in the marula fruit fly, Ceratitis cosyra (Walker) (Diptera: Tephritidae), decreases total antioxidant capacity and lipid peroxidation  Malod, K; Roets, PD; Oosthuizen, C; et al.
    24 May 2016Selection on an antagonistic behavioral trait can drive rapid genital coevolution in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides  Hopwood, PE; Head, ML; Jordan, EJ; et al.
    7 January 2013Self-interaction of human Pex11pβ during peroxisomal growth and division.  Bonekamp, NA; Grille, S; Cardoso, MJ; et al.
    30 November 2017Self-medication by orang-utans (Pongo pygmaeus) using bioactive properties of Dracaena cantleyi  Morrogh-Bernard, HC; Foitová, I; Yeen, Z; et al.
    18 October 2016Self-pollination, style length development and seed set in self-compatible Asteraceae: evidence from Senecio vulgaris L.  Love, J; Graham, SW; Irwin, JA; et al.
    8 April 2020Selfish genes and sexual selection: the impact of genomic parasites on host reproduction  Wedell, N
    19 October 2020Selfish genetic elements and male fertility  Verspoor, RL; Price, TAR; Wedell, N
    27 August 2018Senescent declines in elite tennis players are similar across the sexes  Sutter, A; Barton, S; Dev, M; et al.
    31 May 2017Sensitivity of commercial pumpkin yield to potential decline among different groups of pollinating bees  Pfister, SC; Eckerter, PW; Schirmel, J; et al.