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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    9 June 20142,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid promotes S-nitrosylation and oxidation of actin affecting cytoskeleton and peroxisomal dynamics  Rodríguez-Serrano, M.; Pazmino, D.M.; Sparkes, Imogen; et al.
    30 April 20223D animal camouflage  Kelley, JL; Kelley, LA; Badcock, DR
    4 February 20203D light sheet fluorescence microscopy of lungs to dissect local host immune - Aspergillus fumigatus interactions  Amich, J; Mokhtari, Z; Strobel, M; et al.
    26 July 20174-dimensional functional profiling in the convulsant-treated larval zebrafish brain  Winter, MJ; Windell, D; Metz, J; et al.
    20077th International Workshop on the Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Lepidoptera. August 20-26, 2006, Orthodox Academy of Crete, Kolympari, Crete, Greece.  Iatrou, K; Couble, P
    7 February 2022A bacterial endosymbiont of the fungus Rhizopus microsporus drives phagocyte evasion and opportunistic virulence  Itabangi, H; Sephton-Clark, PCS; Tamayo, DP; et al.
    16 August 2011A bacterial process for selenium nanosphere assembly  Debieux, Charles M.; Dridge, Elizabeth J.; Mueller, Claudia M; et al.
    25 November 2008A bifunctional kinase-phosphatase in bacterial chemotaxis.  Porter, SL; Roberts, MA; Manning, CS; et al.
    26 September 2016A Bioluminescent Francisella tularensis SCHU S4 Strain Enables Noninvasive Tracking of Bacterial Dissemination and the Evaluation of Antibiotics in an Inhalational Mouse Model of Tularemia  Hall, CA; Flick-Smith, HC; Harding, SV; et al.
    6 March 2013A bird's eye view of discard reforms: bird-borne cameras reveal seabird/fishery interactions.  Votier, SC; Bicknell, A; Cox, SL; et al.
    15 February 2010A Boolean model of the Pseudomonas syringae hrp regulon predicts a tightly regulated system.  MacLean, D; Studholme, DJ
    2010A broad distribution of the alternative oxidase in microsporidian parasites  Williams, BAP; Elliot, C; Burri, L; et al.
    14 May 2021A broadscale analysis of host-symbiont cophylogeny reveals the drivers of phylogenetic congruence  Hayward, A; Poulin, R; Nakagawa, S
    1 November 2011A Burkholderia pseudomallei macrophage infectivity potentiator-like protein has rapamycin-inhibitable peptidylprolyl isomerase activity and pleiotropic effects on virulence  Norville, IH; Harmer, Nicholas; Harding, SV; et al.
    11 November 2011A Burkholderia pseudomallei Toxin Inhibits Helicase Activity of Translation Factor eIF4A  Cruz, A; Hautbergue, GM; Artymiuk, PJ; et al.
    11 June 2020A Cambrian crown annelid reconciles phylogenomics and the fossil record  Chen, H; Parry, LA; Vinther, J; et al.
    1 May 2013A capture approach for supercoiled plasmid DNA using a triplex-forming oligonucleotide  Ruigrok, VJB; Westra, ER; Brouns, SJJ; et al.
    25 February 2019A case for environmental statistics of early life effects  Frankenhuis, W; Nettle, D; Dall, SRX
    1 November 2009A case of isolation by distance and short-term temporal stability of population structure in brown trout (Salmo trutta) within the River Dart, southwest England  Griffiths, AM; Koizumi, I; Bright, D; et al.
    21 January 2019A catchment-scale perspective of plastic pollution  Windsor, FM; Durance, I; Horton, AA; et al.