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    19 February 2018Calcium binding at the C-terminus of α-synuclein modulates synaptic vesicle interaction  Lautenschläger, J; Stephens, AD; Fusco, G; et al.
    19 July 2017California scrub-jays reduce visual cues available to potential pilferers by matching food colour to caching substrate  Kelley, LA; Clayton, NS
    9 May 2018Caller characteristics influence recruitment to collective antipredator events in jackdaws  Woods, RD; Kings, M; McIvor, GE; et al.
    1 May 2015Camels out of place and time: The dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) in Australia  Crowley, SL
    1 October 2016Camera technology for monitoring marine biodiversity and human impact  Bicknell, AWJ; Godley, BJ; Sheehan, EV; et al.
    29 January 2016Camouflage predicts survival in ground-nesting birds  Troscianko, J; Wilson-Aggarwal, J; Stevens, M; et al.
    5 September 2018Camouflage strategies interfere differently with observer search images  Troscianko, J; Skelhorn, J; Stevens, M
    22 May 2017Camouflage through colour change: mechanisms, adaptive value, and ecological significance  Duarte, RC; Flores, AAV; Stevens, M
    21 April 2018Can multilayer networks advance animal behavior research?  Silk, MJ; Finn, KR; Porter, MA; et al.
    1 February 2015Can paternal leakage maintain sexually antagonistic polymorphism in the cytoplasm?  Kuijper, B; Lane, N; Pomiankowski, A
    10 July 2014Can patterns of chromosome inversions in Drosophila pseudoobscura predict polyandry across a geographical cline?  Herrera, P; Taylor, Michelle Louise; Skeats, A; et al.
    11 June 2018Candida albicans Cdc15 is essential for mitotic exit and cytokinesis.  Bates, S
    20 September 2017Capturing ecology in modeling approaches applied to environmental risk assessment of endocrine active chemicals in fish  Mintram, KS; Brown, AR; Maynard, SK; et al.
    2 January 2019Carbohydrate Kinases: A Conserved Mechanism Across Differing Folds  Roy, S; Vivoli Vega, M; Harmer, NJ
    1 August 2016Cardioprotection by H2S donors: nitric oxide-dependent and -independent mechanisms  Wood, ME; Chatzianastasiou, A; Bibli, S-I; et al.
    6 December 2018Cardiovascular Effects and Molecular Mechanisms of Bisphenol A and Its Metabolite MBP in Zebrafish  Brown, AR; Green, J; Moreman, J; et al.
    2016Carer removal and brood size manipulation: not equivalent to quantify carer impacts on provisioning  Liebl, AL; Browning, LE; Russell, AF
    29 January 2013Caribbean-wide decline in carbonate production threatens coral reef growth  Perry, Chris T.; Murphy, Gary N.; Kench, Paul S.; et al.
    5 May 2015Cascading effects of artificial light at night: resource-mediated control of herbivores in a grassland ecosystem.  Bennie, Jonathan; Davies, Thomas W.; Cruse, D.; et al.
    1 December 2011Cassettes for PCR-mediated gene tagging in Candida albicans utilizing nourseothricin resistance  Milne, SW; Cheetham, Jill; Lloyd, D; et al.