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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    9 July 2014R code for generating random associations and conducting group-based sampling on them  Silk, Matthew
    24 June 2015Racehorses are getting faster  Sharman, P; Wilson, Alastair J.
    20 September 2012Radar tracking and motion-sensitive cameras on flowers reveal the development of pollinator multi-destination routes over large spatial scales.  Lihoreau, M; Raine, NE; Reynolds, AM; et al.
    28 September 2004Random walk models for the movement and recruitment of reef fish larvae  Codling, EA; Hill, NA; Pitchford, JW; et al.
    23 May 2013Range expansion through fragmented landscapes under a variable climate  Bennie, Jonathan; Hodgson, Jenny A.; Lawson, CR; et al.
    24 April 2019Rapid and extensive karyotype diversification in haploid clinical Candida auris isolates  Bravo Ruiz, G; Ross, ZK; Holmes, E; et al.
    6 September 2018Rapid antagonistic coevolution in an emerging pathogen and its vertebrate host  Bonneaud, C; Giraudeau, M; Tardy, L; et al.
    5 March 2019Rapid Depletion of DIS3, EXOSC10, or XRN2 Reveals the Immediate Impact of Exoribonucleolysis on Nuclear RNA Metabolism and Transcriptional Control  Davidson, L; Francis, L; Cordiner, RA; et al.
    26 November 2015Rapid evolution of metabolic traits explains thermal adaptation in phytoplankton  Padfield, D; Yvon-Durocher, G; Buckling, A; et al.
    23 August 2017Rapid functional and evolutionary changes follow gene duplication in yeast  Naseeb, S; Ames, RM; Delneri, D; et al.
    27 January 2016Rapid recovery following short-term acoustic disturbance in two fish species  Bruintjes, R; Purser, J; Everley, KA; et al.
    17 April 2019Rapid, Heuristic Discovery and Design of Promoter Collections in Non-Model Microbes for Industrial Applications  Gilman, J; Singleton, C; Tennant, RK; et al.
    1 September 2011Rate of egg maturation in marine turtles exhibits 'universal temperature dependence'  Weber, SB; Blount, Jonathan D.; Godley, BJ; et al.
    11 November 2016Re-evaluating strategies for pollinator-dependent crops: How useful is parthenocarpy?  Knapp, JL; Bartlett, LJ; Osborne, JL
    1 January 2015Real-time deformability cytometry: On-the-fly cell mechanical phenotyping  Otto, O; Rosendahl, P; Mietke, A; et al.
    9 July 2015Rearing the scuttle fly Megaselia scalaris (Diptera: Phoridae) on industrial compounds: implications on size and lifespan.  Alcaine-Colet, A; Wotton, KR; Jimenez-Guri, E
    1 August 2014Recently published Streptomyces genome sequences  Harrison, J; Studholme, DJ
    18 March 2019Recombination between phages and CRISPR-cas loci facilitates horizontal gene transfer in staphylococci  Varble, A; Meaden, S; Barrangou, R; et al.
    6 March 2019Reconstruction of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) recruitment in the North Sea for the past 455 years based on the δ13C from annual shell increments of the ocean quahog (Arctica islandica)  Estrella‐Martínez, J; Schöne, BR; Thurstan, RH; et al.
    2016Reducing green turtle bycatch in small-scale fisheries using illuminated gillnets: The Cost of Saving a Sea Turtle  Mangel, Jeffrey Charles; Ortiz, N; Wang, J; et al.